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Problem with XP Pro and Mapped Network Drives

By j2per ·
I have several businesses that I have configured on a "workgroup" network. I have then mapped those systems to a network drive letter on the server - for this example let use "M" as the mapped drive letter. These systems then use a universal integrator that connects them to this server to access the data.

The problem is that when the units are turned on at the beginning of the day, the "M" drive is not "connected" - it is there, but not available. So, my integrator software will not start.

I have contacted several network administrators, Microsoft, DELL and Linksys and no one has an answer on how I can get the network drive letter to initialize at startup every time!

Can anyone help? Thanks


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Integrator Software

by gsquared In reply to Problem with XP Pro and M ...

The integrator software: Is that something you can edit at all?

If so, it might be useful to have it go to a "UNC path" instead of a mapped drive. For example: \\server1\networkfolder\files

If that won't work, you might take the script that opens the network drive (as per another post on this topic), and add that to the startup for the integrator. For example, create a batch file, and have a shortcut to that instead of the integrator launching directly.

To create a batch file, open Notepad, type in the network script (from the other post on this thread), and add "c:\program files\integrator.exe" (using the correct path to the integrator program) as a second line in the file. Then save the file as "Integrator.bat", with no ".txt" on the end. Then, use that instead of directly opening the integrator program.

Not sure if any of this helps, but if it sounds like something you might be able to do, feel free to ask questions on it.

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