problems installing operating systerm on compaq laptop?

By manue1991 ·
Hi everyone, i have a compaq laptop that i just bought a week ago i ddnt like the patitions that were on it by default so i've deleted them and reinstall it with windows7 home basic, by default it was installed windows7 starter 32bit. now the problem is i want to delete the patitions again because i made a mistake when i was creating the patitions and i am unable to, because when i reach the point where i have to select the patition that i would like to delete it does not show any patitions but the message which says: A required CD/DVD drive device is missing if you have a driver floppy disc, CD,DVD, or USB flash drive, please insert it now. NOTE if the windows installation media is in the CD/DVD drive, you can safely remove it for this step. during the first time when i was installing it i did not see such kind of a message everything went just fine but now i do not now what went wrong because i am using the same windows disk i used the first time. please help!

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Which Model Compaq have you got?

by OH Smeg In reply to problems installing opera ...

If we know that we can tell you exactly what you need to do.


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Reponse To Answer

by manue1991 In reply to Which Model Compaq have y ...

Model: CQ57-377SI

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Reponse To Answer

by OH Smeg In reply to Which Model Compaq have y ...

At the moment the HP Web Site is reporting Page Not Found when you search for Compaq Presario CQ57-377SI

You can try again latter here

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This might help based on your model...

by Charles Bundy In reply to problems installing opera ...

I'm thinking this might be a SATA Native mode rather than an Intel RAID issue. I found maintenance info here - Unfortunately no BIOS options are enumerated

My thinking is that flipping the SATA Native mode option to OFF/legacy should allow Win7 to install without HP drivers (think IDE here). Otherwise what Win7 is asking for at this point is HP SATA/AHCI optimized drivers which you wouldn't be able to load as the internal DVD IS SATA!

Hope this helps!

ADDENDUM: Based on Col's link to drivers you might find this useful

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Contact HP and follow this suggestions:

by Awahili Guni In reply to problems installing opera ...

1. You should always back up.

2. Always make a System Image and a System Repair Disc
a) System Repair Disc requires a CD/DVD or Flash Drive (I recommend at least 8 GB
or higher for breathing room and better performance in addition to being able to
make copies of it just in case you lose your Pocket aka Flash).
b) System Image is strongly recommended to be backed up to something more stable
such as an EXHDD (external hard drive) or otherwise obtain another FLASH (not a
CD/DVD (no sufficient space) with at least 16 GB or higher - which I recommend a
64 GB (hold your horses here as why 64 GB before you jump the gun).


When you restart Windows - do not select reinstallation (if you have 1 TB or higher you can do this and still have your files and the files there will become ".old" which will enable you to preserve your database without any loss); instead - click on CUSTOMIZED - ADVANCED - then ignoring what is there (because you want your files right?) then proceed as normal. (If you mess up, you can always go back and delete that specific partition that was created and still have your original Win 7 OS.)

However, if you already proceeded without having done this - your best option would be contacting HP at - going to your OS (32 bit / x86 platform or 64 bit); make, model at their download services. HP may already have the SP 2 of Win 7 out to download instead of the original version (sans the SP 2); go ahead and download it for it will save you hoards of time of having to "catch up" on Windows Update just to get to SP 2.

If you had just obtained this product, which probably most likely still under warranty; you very well may have the high chances of having it all restored at no cost to you. If I were you with the Tech, I would push the buttons in obtaining the CD ROM for the Win 7 (whatever the version applies) in SP 2 for free for all the trouble you've had to endure if you asked nicely, they might mail it to you and this way; you can be able to reinstall it plus if you ever crash - you always have that disk (or disc) in handy.


NOW going back to the 64 GB flash - - WHY?

If it is all possible to have everything stored into that flash (before SP 2) System Repair and System Image; DO IT!

After the SP 2 (Service Pack 2) has been installed; you have the privilege of doing the same thing again - creating System Repair and System Image but before you do:

Now proceed in creating a new Repair and Image of SP 2; once this has been done.

Decrypt and unhide the OLD files but leave the name "OLD" on there so you would know which file was which. Store your Flash in a safe place for you can only make one copy. The reason for the 64 GB is because it offers more room and you can also move your file folders in there if necessary (please, by all means, leave at least 13 GB space to breathe) such as documents, photos, music - but it is generally a good idea to store those separately in another flash. If your OS is not a huge OS, a 32 GB may be well sufficient. Consult with a HP Tech to find out which would be best.

In my humble opinion - one would never know if there would ever be a SP 3, for even Win XP goes all the way up to .... go figure how many SP's that version has! Better to play it safe than sorry.

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by manue1991 In reply to problems installing opera ...

My problem isnt sloved, i tryed so hard but nothing seem to came up but i've got an idea though, i think it would be better if i take this laptop back where i bought it because it is not even a months old and is giving me some real hard time and now i feel like there's nothing more i can do to fix this problem.

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Reponse To Answer

by markp24 In reply to MY BIG THNX GOES TO ALL O ...

sorry i didnt get a chance to reply back to you, i was out on vacation the past few days. Looks like you may be best brining it back to where you bought it at thispoint.

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