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Problems viewing TR via Firefox?

By CharlieSpencer ·
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Besides mudpuppy and I, is anyone else having problems viewing TR with FF?

+Clicking Edit, Reply, or Flag results in a spinning icon beside the link but the requested text boxes never open. They can be opened successfully if right-clicked and opened in a new tab.

+If viewing in 'Collapsed' mode, clicking a post title does not open the post. Using the Left and Right cursor keys will move through the posts, until you forget and click on a title; then they stop expanding the posts.

I started seeing these problems last week. I believe that's when FF updated from v17 to v18. I've cleared the cache and dumped my cookies ( :-) ) to no effect. I'm having the same problems on FF at home, but not in IE.

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OK, latest testing info results

by Deadly Ernest In reply to I just went to Oracle in ...

On the other three systems I deleted Java 6 first and then installed Java 7 - TR pages now appear the same in FF 18 and MSIE 9 and 10 (one system is still XP with IS 9). However, there is still two issues with the Java in FF 18.

It's clear you HAVE to delete 6 befor einstalling 7 as I still have issues on the system I added 7 before deleting 6.

1. If the list preference is in collapsed mode the title shows but I can't get the individual post to display inb line, it will display properly if opened in a new tab.

If I change the preference to 'expanded' then the posts all display.

2. Regardless of the display options above, the links for edit, reply, flag, and favorite do NOT work - they just sit and spin. Clearly there is still an issue on how FF 18 is handling these commands.

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No change to the above as of April, but if in expanded mode I can

by Deadly Ernest In reply to OK, latest testing info r ...

make a reply by opening the 'reply' window in a new tab; though it won't open in the main window. Same applies to the edit button.

I now think the original FF issue has been fixed, but there is a residual problem with the way the TR page works that may be conflicting with the anti-advertisement and security activities I have going.

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Add me to your list - Times Two

by maxwell edison In reply to Problems viewing TR via F ...

Firefox AND Internet Explorer. Neither will play nice in the connection between TR and me. I can log in okay, but when I try to post something, the green circle spins and spins, but no new window appears for me to post.

AND I can't open any message. I have to expand all of them in order to read any of them.

I almost gave up, but decided to try Chrome.

(Grrrrrr - Chrome works. Grrrrrr - I don't do Google!)

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Max, read my post above and read the blogs, then follow the links

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Add me to your list - Tim ...

to load the new version, but try removing the old version first - I just loaded the new and then removed the old, and no fix.

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Well if this helps though I doubt it will

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Problems viewing TR via F ...

Every morning at 06.50 I get kicked off TR and am unable to log back in till somewhere around 07.00 My Time which is -10 Hours on GMT.

But starting today I got a full listings of replies to both Questions and Discussions that I'm subscribed to which has not been happening for quite a while now and because I predominately use IE under both XP and 7 I've not experienced any real Issues with postings though there are the normal ones that just end up in the Bit Bucket for unknown reasons but they don't seem to be more common than they have been in the past.

As yet I have not changed FF to the newest so maybe I'll sit back and ignore the update warnings that I've been seeing the past few days in light of what's been posted above.

However I have noticed some screwy issues. Like while chasing Spammers I click on their User Name get shown a list of their postings and when I click on Show all there is nothing. Several Page Refreshes may eventually bring up all of their posts but like for instance just now where I was going around deleting posts from clothesbiz10 I would click on a discussion that they have flag and then delete it and when I clicked on the back Button to be returned to the lists of their posts I would get a empty page which required several refreshes to get the listing up again.

Sometimes it would go back properly but most times it just went back to an empty page with no listings of their posts and when I went to delete the last of the 11 posts that they had made I could flag it but when I clicked on Delete nothing. Maybe there's someone else who's deleted it so it's right but then again maybe not. :^0


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Update - FF 18.1

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Problems viewing TR via F ...

At home this evening I was greeted by an update from FF 18 to 18.1. Unfortunately, this has made no difference; the same problems still exist. So far the only solution appears to be downgrading to 17.

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Did you submit a bug report to the FF devs?

by Slayer_ In reply to Update - FF 18.1

Cause you should if you haven't.

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Firefox plugin check is pissing me off

by Slayer_ In reply to Problems viewing TR via F ...

It completely blocks your browsing if a plugin is out of date. (foxit in my case)

If you click the update link, it opens a new tab, that goes to the same stupid plugin out date page.
Try to load the addons page? Same thing, it redirects to plugins out of date.

I switched my Avant to use webkit. I'll do the same with all my installs.

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Interesting, I tried to go to IE and found out why I was not using it

by Michael Jay In reply to Firefox plugin check is p ...

went to chrome, works well with Windows, my Linux Mint box still holds Firefox 17 which works well.

Will have to give Avant a look, thanks for the note.

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Thank you Slayer

by Michael Jay In reply to Firefox plugin check is p ...

for the tip, I have been test driving Avant Browser and it is indeed sweet.

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