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Problems with Firefox

By jardinier ·
For quite some time now, Firefox version 3 has been crashing so frequently that it is almost useless. It loves to crash when I am in the middle of writing a post. Each time it sends a crash report but nothing changes.

Firefox 3.5 is too top heavy to function on my main computer which has Pentium III 1 GHz and 320 MB RAM.

So I am using Flock which seems quite stable. Is anyone else experiencing problems with Firefox?

BTW I have found it is possible to download earlier versions of Firefox (2.0 for example) if required. I cannot detect any improvement in more recent versions.

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Safe mode

by Oz_Media In reply to I have resolved the probl ...

Tells me its a browser plug-in/add-on issue as I believe they are disabled in safe mode.

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You are not wrong

by jardinier In reply to Safe mode

But it gives me full functionality with the various websites I visit.

Actually there are several features which can be enabled or disabled in safe mode.

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Re: Problems with Firefox

by Sirgwain In reply to Problems with Firefox

My problem with version 3.6 is that when I try to fill out an on-line form, the browser either closes out OR goes right back to the blank form! This is irritating as **** and I have contacted Mozilla support and described the problem to them requesting that they fix it. To date, no reply, no fix. I am going to stop using Firefox and look for a better, more stable browser. If the development team at Firefox blows off feedback from it's users, then they're no better than the government!
HAS ANYONE else encountered this problem? Yes, I have done a virus scan with 5 different programs and they all come up clean. I have v. 3.6 installed on 3 different hard drives and they ALL exhibit the same damned problem. I'd appreciate any feedback from anyone else who encountered this problem and if/how they fixed it. Thank you all.

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In most cases

by Oz_Media In reply to Problems with Firefox

Updating to newer versions of software will often cause problems when running on older PC's. In such a case, use what works and expect to miss out on any new features unless willing to incur th cost of a hardware upgrade.

Myself I have no prbs with FF, however I usually use IE these days as I find that it is stable and the OS is more secure these days too. Haven't had problems, yet.

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by Slayer_ In reply to Problems with Firefox

Maybe try Orca browser?
Uses the gecko engine, same as firefox. But has more built in features and requires less system resources compared to FF.

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Firefox and AVG

by keitht7 In reply to Problems with Firefox

Since the release of v3.5 I had enormnous problems which turned out to be an over hungry AVG, there could be other programs that have similar conflicts, check my blog

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Maybe I need that kind of post filter!

by AllGeek2Me In reply to Problems with Firefox

Sometimes the sw should keep me from posting from time to time:)

My 2? CDN

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Older versions of Firefox

by websmythe In reply to Problems with Firefox
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Thank you

by jardinier In reply to Older versions of Firefox

I have one computer running XP with only 128 MB RAM. This is quite sufficient if you don't connect to the internet, because AV hogs memory. But I have done so anyhow.

Although I have downloaded and saved Firefox version 2, this computer easily handles Firefox 3.

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