problems with installing dvd burner and dvd player on same pc

By heather.smith ·
I recently installed a dvd burner dual layer on my pc. and I agonised about which drive to replace dvd player or cd-rw I decided the dvd would go...i don't remember why, but as I discovered when wanted to copy dvd to dvd i had to copy the dvd to my hard drive and then to the dvd burner. what a i decided to replace cd-rw with the dvd player, figured duh?? why duplicate drives...well to make a long story short...........when i try to access the burner the pc just restarts it self. i have check jumpers, bios, tried switching the master slave on them both nothing works. after some.....reading i am assuming this is a power issue???? let me just say there are three power conections for these drives 1. dvd burner 2. dvd player 3. floppy and on the primary i have two hard drives with two additional power plugins and one that would plug into a floppy. can these be switched around maybe main hd dvd player and floppy and on the other dvd burner and second hard drive???? any suggestions are greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!

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You can switch the connections

by Mr.Wiz In reply to problems with installing ...

as you've suggested. It really isn't that critical.

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by dawgit In reply to problems with installing ...

Heather perhaps as Mr wiz sugested, it might be the simplest way. Could you maybe give us some more information please. What type of OS is on that computer? (as in Linux?, Windows, WinXP?) what were the jumpers on the drives before? (and cableing?) and what type of computer, make wise? that sometimes does make a difference. (diferent brands require different set-ups) Ther might be another way, but we need more info. thanks. -d

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tried reconfigureing power conections

by heather.smith In reply to Oh-my

no changes when i moved power conections around. so switched it back to dvd rw and cd rw and well i had forgoted that i was haveing some probs before i tried the change but i blu it off. so inresponce to what i am running xp home upgrade from me on a gateway 2000. intially i did not have this problem so i am really baffeled as it is now the way it was before i changed it. dvd rw is dl io the cd rw gateway osb and dvd rom is mashita or panisonic depending what info i read it is a 2mhz sys I am at a loss.........

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additional info

by heather.smith In reply to tried reconfigureing powe ...

I was originally able to use the dvd rw with the cd rw. it worked slow but worked. the only thing i have majorly changed is upgradeing my trend micro from 2006 to 2007 but why would that be an issue??????????
anyway, so as a last ditch effort i disconected the cd rw and only ran the dvd rw and the same thing restarted when i tried to start the dvd. oh I also ran spyware, virus protection ect... prior to this found some spyware but cleaned it up and still have the same problems?

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Got a responce from Trend Micro

by heather.smith In reply to additional info

In the past I have had issues with updates knocking out things on my pc, so I wrote to Trend regarding this, this is their responce I have not tried it yet but will keep you posted.

A pleasant day to you!

NOTE: To keep our records up-to-date, it is very important to RESPOND to this e-mail.

Thank you for contacting Trend Micro Technical Support. I have carefully read your email and I understand that you can't access your cd/dvd/ drive.

If I misunderstood your concern, please feel free in replying to this email with more information. If I was able to determine the problem properly, kindly refer to the information I have provided below:

To resolve the issue:

1. Click Start > All Programs > Trend Micro PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 > Main Console.

2. Click Virus and Spyware controls > Protection against viruses on the left panel of the console.

3. Click Settings

Note: If the password is activated, a password prompt will appear.

4. On the file monitor tab click Select Files orFolders > Add Folder.

5. Select CD/DVD Drive on the list and then click OK.

6. Click OK twice.

7. Close PC-cillin Internet Security.

Please try the suggestions above at your earliest convenience and let me know the results in detail. If anything is unclear, do not hesitate to let us know and we?re glad to help.

VERY IMPORTANT: In order for us to have a history of our correspondence, please do not delete the subject and the contents of this email.

Thanks for choosing our product!

Best Regards,

Jobie Victoriano
Consumer Support Team
TrendLabs HQ, Trend Micro Incorporated

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