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Procedures when IT Manager is leaving

By Annajane ·
When the IT Manager is going to be let go, what are the important things to consider and the information needed? He is 90% of the IT department and very controlling. There are several servers and 40-50 users. He often worked from home. Several consultants are being brought in to help the remaining IT person and C Level management during the transition. We will all be meeting to develop a strategy before the IT Mgr. is notified.

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Bad Decisions

by BFilmFan In reply to Procedures when IT Manage ...

You are not going to enjoy this message, but you need to hear this. Your organization is running in an undocumented environment. Since you don't have a plan to handle when a key team member leaves.

I would recommend the following:

Document your network infratructure. It appears that you do not have this available. No documented information is the same as no disaster recovery plan.

Document organization responsibilities within the IT department.

Has this person been "controlling," since the organization had him doing "90%" of the work? Perhaps the organization has created its own issue in this case of a disgruntled technical person? What plans are being implemented to prevent a re-occurence?

Discuss with HR and Legal potential liabilities from this termination, including potential issues with HIPPA or other laws.

Do your systems have medical information about employees stored on them?
Is your organization covered under the SOX laws? Do you have a huge fine\jail time awaiting you if this employee calls up a regulatory agency and reports that you are not in compliance?
Is every copy of your software properly licensed?
Do you have documented proof available in the event you are suddenly audited?

If you have a failure in any of these areas and are audited and a fine process begins, the reprecussions both to the organization and personally could be devastating.

During the meeting, discuss which of the management team needs a letter of reprimand in their personnel files for clearly failing to handle basic business continuance planning, which this situation has revealed.

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Thanks for lots of good info.

by Annajane In reply to Procedures when IT Manage ...

Thank you to everyone who has replied. This is all very helpful and informative. This company actually has a really great, professional management team and they have worked very hard to work with the IT manager. He is technically very skilled and I have pointed this out to them. I had hoped he could work into being a good team member, but all their efforts he just circumvents. They do have very good procedures for backups and disaster recovery. Many meetings have covered the subject of asset inventories. They just always end up on his back burner. His priorities are never the companies priorities. I've seen a lot of companies who just don't know how to work with their technical managers and that's the direction I originally went with them, giving them info on working with him and I really believe they have tried. This has been a problem for over a year so I think they've done their best. You've all done a great job of scaring us to death which is probably a good thing!

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sounds like a good decision

by secure_lockdown In reply to Thanks for lots of good i ...

sounds like the guy wants out. if you are a professional - you will find a way to work with people/divisions that you don't see eye to eye on. all it takes is a little less focusing on yourself and little more focusing on the big picture and how what you do fits in with it.


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Before Firing...I would

by ierfaan In reply to Thanks for lots of good i ...

I have not read through all the comments as yet. However, I would initiate a full documentation project first with the project manager as the Owner thereof. Thereafter, and on the day of firing the IT manager should be escorted from the premises with all their personal belongings. They should be paid out for the days not at the office but not be allowed on site: Keeping them on for transitional periods are dangerous. Any person being fired WILL harbor resentment.

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Not so fast ...

by Rick_from_BC In reply to Before Firing...I would

ierfaan said: "Any person being fired WILL harbor resentment."

This does not translate into: "and will subsequently cause
mayhem!" I am not the only one who has been let go from a job,
been resentful because the firing was not due to my failure, and
still did the best job I was capable of doing, right up to the very

I am a professional. I have pride in my ability to do my best work
despite my personal feelings. I think a lot of us will do the same.
To imply that 'most' people will sink into bad behaviour when
given a chance is to lower the bar unacceptably on human

And I know my co-workers understood this. My actions over the
full course of my employment showed my true character, and my
bosses acknowledged that by trusting me right to the last day of
my work.

Surely this is not uncommon. Would most of you readers accept
that you would be feared as a potential destructive influence
should you and the company part ways? I think not.

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Let me add more context..

by ierfaan In reply to Not so fast ...

Re-reading my comments, they seem harsh. I too have been let go before, in spite of which I still did my best till the end. You?ve behaved admirably and should be commended for it. However my message was that you don?t know someone until they?ve been down on their luck. You were and your true character showed. Not everyone?s does. Hence, I suggested that as a precautionary measure, one needs to do their duty towards the company that they work for and act in its best interest. What I read from Annajane?s original message was that they were not sure how the IT manager would react ? hence rather be conservative, rather than have regrets afterwards (if things go bad). My comment on ?harboring resentment? may just have come across too strong. Lastly, I strongly believe in the basic goodness of all human beings and would hope that all ppl could act as professionally as Rick_from_bc has. I have certainly seen a fair share of those who have not.

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by James Szabadics In reply to Thanks for lots of good i ...


If you end up sacking a technically clever IT manager for putting asset inventories on the back burner in a company with 50 desktops then I suspect you have serious issues in the management team.

The asset inventory documentation is hardly the burning IT issue that makes a difference to the productivity and effectiveness of employees in the company. If the hardware is adequate for the task being performed and operational and reliable, if the software meets the needs of users - these issues ARE important - if it really bothers someone that the documentation of the assets isn't up to their standard then get in a high school kid and do an audit dont bother the technical IT manager with such trivia!

If this really is "the" issue you have with this guy he is much better off somewhere else cause the team he is in has lost the plot.

Electronic Business Development Manager
Western Australia

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Promotion before lay off

by west_d00r In reply to Procedures when IT Manage ...

Find a higher position for him and have him transfer his current responsibility to others (should be a group of people), and take this time to review all process and procedures and document.
Once the transition completed, do what you want to do.

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transfer ? yep good approach

by EricN In reply to Promotion before lay off

but better be honest with the utlimate goals : if the decision is already taken on C level to fire him later, then better be legally water proof !

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by CMotta In reply to Procedures when IT Manage ...

If you are letting go of the IT Manager you will need to follow a number of steps ideally before you letting him know that he is leaving...

1) Undertake an IT audit of the IT environment (preferably by someone outside his department or your organisation e.g. independence is the word. This will document any gaps in your current IT environment in relation to documentation, system environments, etc;
2) The recommendations and actions required to cover the gaps, etc, should be SMART and agreed between the IT Manager and his direct "boss" within a reasonable period.
3) Once the IT Manager has resolved all the actions and discussed this with his direct "boss" then you will be in a better position to let him know that you are letting him go.
4) Promoting him to a different position will not help you unless you want to retain this employee as it would be difficult to justify in court that the position had been made redundant (note not the individual).

Hope this helps.


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