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Processor cache memory

By lcw ·
What would I gain and defination if I had a higher speed of Processor cache?,I had seen such speed of 256K,1MB L2 and server with 2MB?

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by TheChas In reply to Processor cache memory

The numbers you are seeing are NOT the speed of the cache RAM, but the amount and type of cache RAM.

All cache memory functions as a data buffer. In addition to the CPU cache, there is cache RAM on hard drives and many other devices inside your PC.

For the CPU, data is transfered to and from the cache when the CPU is waiting for other devices on the data bus to respond.

Theoretically, the more cache, the better.

On a practical basis, the optimum amount of cache for a specific system depends on a number of factors:

The faster the CPU speed is versus the front side bus speed, the more use the CPU will make of cache.

The more data that an application transfers up and down the data bus, the more important cache is.
(This is why servers tend to have more cache RAM than desktops.)

The effective use of cache RAM is a large part of why AMD Athlon CPUs score higher on benchmark tests than Intel CPUs of a higher clock speed.

The "L" in relation to CPU cache refers to where the cache memory is physically located.

On the die with the CPU.

On the CPU assembly, but a separate die.

External to the CPU. (on the motherboard)


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by dmiles In reply to Processor cache memory

1. First of all cache memory is very fast memory that the processor can
access much
more quickly than main memory or RAM. Currently processors can operate at
much greater than affordable, reliable memory can supply the necessary data.
memory, is much like other memory, except it can operate much faster, and
much more

Cache memory attempts to bridge the gap between fast, expensive memory that
be made in limited quantities, and the large amounts of RAM needed for

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by lcw In reply to Processor cache memory

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cache memory

by krkbpk In reply to Processor cache memory

processor itself it has a fast memory setup(cache memory).even a little cache worth very cost,that's why it is enabled with prosessor.the cache memory has two parts L1 and L2.L2 load's the instructions from ram and it sends to L1,prosessor executes the instructions which are coming from finally if we have more cachethen our processor has more perfomence.

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