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By Maevinn ·
Do you belong to any professional organizations? Which ones? If so, how did you choose them? If not--why not?

I don't, but am interesting in finding one that will help me network, and to familiarize myself with how operations run in other organizations...Any suggestions?

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by Tig2 In reply to Professional Organization ...

I think every project manager should belong- but that's just me. I learn more from my peers in monthly meetings than most anywhere else.

Most technical SIGs are not really what I think of as "Professional Organisations". They tend to be more ad hoc. But they can be great for networking.

I am also a member of NAFE (National Association of Female Executives). I find that they are a great resource from a business structure perspective.

Hope this is helpful!

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And it is great

by jdclyde In reply to PMI

that you chicks got a club that you can all get together like that!

~no, he never learns.......

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by Jellimonsta In reply to Professional Organization ...

I was a member of the IEEE. But I let my membership lapse. I may rejoin, but I am focused on other things right now. :)

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IEEE is good for a start

by dawgit In reply to Professional Organization ...

I have to agree with Jelly on that. (I also let my membership lapse. to kool off. I was getting SPAM'd to death from some of their other members)
Also try UGs (user groups) LUG (linux user groups) JUG (java user groups) They are every where. If your near an Uni, or college, there are useually several orgs around. Look & you will find.

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Computer Society

by Navy Moose In reply to IEEE is good for a start

I would not recommend IEEE's Computer Society. I was nothing but disappointed with their publications. I want real world solutions, not Ph.D or Master's thesis' which seemed to be the bulk of the articles in their publications.

As an example, I saw one article that mentioned calculating cost of goods sold. I have a BS in accounting so I am familiar with calculating it. The formula they gave would make my calculus instructor happy, but can be done much more simply if you follow any introductory accounting textbook.

I had my membership for a year and got nothing of value out of it. Maybe if I had been able to attend a meeting I might have a different opinion. I was under the impression Computer Society would be IT Professionals. It seemed to be more computer engineering or software engineering oriented. I greatly respect engineers, but I am not one.

I belong to a Windows Users Group which meets once a month. I am not as active as I'd like, because the meetings are usually held when I'm on call.

That is my $0.02

Navy Moose

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by NI70 In reply to Professional Organization ...

I was a member of <a href=>Association of Information Technology Professionals</a>, but my dues lapsed and I did not renew my membership. I may renew later. Was also a member of the NUGA, Network Users Group of Anchorage. I think they were going to change it to Network Users Group of Alaska, but I don't know if they did or not. I chose these two because they were the only ones at the IT expo I attended.

EDITED to correct the hyperlink.

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Used to, but who has time?

by jdclyde In reply to Professional Organization ...

DPMA/AITP was one. I even formed a student chapter a few years back.

LUG's are always cool if you can find one in your area.

See if your community has an organization for business professionals. That or just planners of events in the community. Meeting with people who are not in IT would be better people to meet because they are the ones that are more likely to become clients.

If you are an owner, look at your smaller diners. Many have local advertising on their placemats.

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Association for Computing Machinery

by john.a.wills In reply to Professional Organization ...

is perhaps the oldest informatics society. Take a look at I am afraid that most of the flagship journal is rather dull nowadays, but a lot of people find the library helpful. I get emails from the local (too far for me) chapter and, thrice weekly, a news update.

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Location Location Location

by nathan In reply to Professional Organization ...

It depends where you live. There are usually your local chapters of the ACM and IEEE. I live in the East Bay (Oakland, Fremont, Pleasanton) and there are lots of other options. Here are some I have found.

If you live in the East Bay, you should try them. If not, look at their web sites and see if they have any local affiliates.

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User Groups

by mklinz01 In reply to Professional Organization ...

Check out the local user groups for the hardware, OS, apps you're running in the environment. Use a search for somethin like "HP-UX user groups" as an example you should pull several hits.

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