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By Maevinn ·
Do you belong to any professional organizations? Which ones? If so, how did you choose them? If not--why not?

I don't, but am interesting in finding one that will help me network, and to familiarize myself with how operations run in other organizations...Any suggestions?

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I belonged to Software User Groups

by In reply to User Groups

When I was working in Focus, I belonged to the Focus Users Group.

When I was supporting a ROLM PBX, I belonged to their Users Group.

I went to their meetings and got all sorts of tips on how to do things and met people I could call with a question. Some of the stuff you need just isn't in the manual, you know?


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It also depends on the area of specialization

by thompsonwj In reply to I belonged to Software Us ...

If you are working with networks ( vs networking) the Cisco user groups are good and Networking Professionals Association (NPA)is building up to educate people and allow people to network in the field.

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also interested

by setantapc In reply to It also depends on the ar ...

This is a good post, I was going to put one up myself. I have recently joined a Local IT Pro Group here, haven't attended a meeting yet.

There was one "Pro Group" that had rather high membership dues that I could not afford, and this other free group. Rubbing shoulders with other like minded individuals is always a good thing and possible networking benefits are a bonus.

As mentioned in previous posts, the hope is that these are IT pros who are sharing ideas and open to accepting another newbie into the fold, and not a gang of Klingon speaking Techno-philes ranting about the newest Linux distro or overpriced video card.

Time will tell, I'll keep you advised.

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Yes.. many .. here is how..

I belong to many Professional organizations.
To name a few, IEEE EMS, IEEE CS, SEI, SPIN and considering joining few more.

How did I choose..
- My interest and to network
- Past activities of the group (one could find activities of last two years is a good measure!)
- Wanted to actively participate and lead some activities was my reason to join. Something to give back to community.


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