programs and second hdd

By SystemCheck ·
i have one hdd with vista i have another internal hdd blank, can i install my programs and games to that drive? if so when i format my os hdd and reinstall will the program and games on the second hdd still work and or what would i have to do?

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You dont even need two HDD's for the performance boost, just partition

by Slayer_ In reply to programs and second hdd

If you turn one large drive into two partitions, give the smallest to the OS, make sure the OS only uses about half of the space or less, and devote the rest to programs. As long as you don't make heavy use of large number of files in the my documents folder or on your desktop, you will never lose OS performance.
The number of files in the Documents and Settings folder really hurts start up performance.
I have been doing this set up since 1996, it works great. I used to give Win95 a gig of space. I give XP 10 gigs of space. I don't have a vista or W7 machine so I do not know how much space to give it.

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the thing is

by SystemCheck In reply to You dont even need two HD ...

I already own three sata hdd one 250 two 400gb hdd and want to utilize it the best way possible.

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Sorry but I do not agree with that ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to You dont even need two HD ...

Logic dictates that the presence of TWO read-write heads will ALWAYS accomplish simultaneous disk access quicker than a single read-write head.

It also dictates that a single read-write head will have to perform one operation in preference to the other, or perform both tasks at half the speed.

And that is without considering how far the read-write head has to travel in order to perform its task. Partitioning a hard drive has the same effect as building a wall down the middle of a room - to get to the other side of the room you have to climb over the wall, just like the disk heads have to skip to the other partition then back again.

Anyone who thinks that two partitions are the same as two hard drives and, as such can perform as fast as two separate hard drives is living in cloud cuckoo land or Manitoba .

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I didn't say it was the same, just that it has a big performance impact

by Slayer_ In reply to Sorry but I do not agree ...

Cause room 2's **** doesn't seep into room 1's ****.

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