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Promotion Withheld

By JustKim ·
What should you do when your boss continuously makes promises to promote you but never follows through? The excuse is always that I need more experience but I have been "experiencing" this job for over 4 1/2 years and have yet to be promoted to manager. He never tells me specific reasons. Just that I need more experience.

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Yes that kind of stereotyping happens

by thelastword In reply to Amen!!

It's interesting to hear that females do this too. At my present job which I started two years ago, the manager has completely stereotyped me and bypassed me for everything probably because I had just come back from two years off (in school again so was a little rusty), before that I was doing great and well-respected. Now the guy just makes a joke out of me and constantly hires contractors to do my job. Top this off with that he leers at me and whenever I go into his office to discuss something serious he makes wierd sexual comments out of stuff I say like 'how do you want it?' becomes something else and stuff like that. He makes me really uncomfortable at that point I become really ineffective. I have over ten years experienece as a developer, a degree in computer science and now another technical diploma, I have good references. The deal is that this is an institution so they don't have a need for project deadlines or anything else, plus this guy can do whatever he wants and has limited accountability, ie. old boys club that reaches the top really quickly. It is the most miserable humiliating nightmare I have ever experienced. His latest trick is to purposely give me as menial assignments as possible just for the fun of it. I'd actually like to punch his lights out. This is not a joke. This is real. So in the meantime while I am pounding out resumes, my skills are hanging on by a thread. This is quite awful. I feel this is a case of sexual harrassment in a way or something.

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Is THIS sexual harassment?

by thelastword In reply to Yes that kind of stereoty ...

Any lawyers out there who can read that post I just put and tell me. One more thing the guy did one time is start rubbing his upper inner thighs when I was in the middle of talking to him !!! That just fizzled out the discussion completely, I left the office feeling really Yucky and he was just A-OK with that and with the project not continuing or anything else.

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If this isnt Sexual harrassment than I dont knwo what it

by thelastword In reply to Is THIS sexual harassment ...

I hope someone can give me some feedback and what the **** can I do. I already have forms from the Human right commission but I hope to get a new job before submitting them. This guy just basically screwed me out of my career by giving away all my work for the last year. The other thing is WHY is he doing this to me. That part just baffles me.

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Yes but...

by anarky In reply to If this isnt Sexual harra ...

Have you made a complaint to the manager's boss? HR? If not, why? His actions SEEM to be harassment. There are specific things which you must do in order for a harrassment charge to be taken seriously and to stick. Talk with an employment lawyer.

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Clearly sexual harassment

by IS Girl In reply to Yes that kind of stereoty ...


I can't believe you have to wonder if your boss is harassing you ! It seems clear to me.

Sometimes, women in traditionally male jobs have to overlook a little good-natured ribbing, but your boss has crossed the line.

Get yourself a tiny recorder and start compiling evidence against him. Contact the Dept. of Labor for info on handling sexual harassment in the workplace, and lodge a complaint against him.

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I cant believe I wondered about it either

by thelastword In reply to Clearly sexual harassment

While wondering however, I have been taping him for months and documenting all the odd ball practises going on in here. I have to get him on tape discussing this exact thing so I am going to confront the behavior next time and tape THAT conversation. Then I will have something

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I find it hard to believe these SOB's still exist. Take him down for good!

by sleepin'dawg In reply to I cant believe I wondered ...

I thought most guys would have wised up by now but obviously some of these losers are still out there. As an employer I'd fire his butt out the door so fast his feet wouldn't touch the ground until he was across the street. Forget the morality of it; this nut would be exposing me and my company to law suits that could cause real damage. It would be put in his file why he was released and anyone who checked his references wouldn't think of hiring him as a manager ever again. Guys like this are only fit to take out the garbage. Float your resume out there and if a better job turns up grab it. A company that would tolerate a clown like this can't be that great a place to work. When you leave make sure HR knows your reasons for leaving but make sure you are safely ensconced in a new job before you bring suit as sometimes law suits can have a negative effect on prospects. If you're in a new job you will be proving your worth and probably no one will realize you are suing your old employer and if and when they find out your new employer will be warned that you are not to be trifled with. HR is going to ask for documentation; make sure you only give them copies and dupes and nothing original. I don't know where you are situated but if it is NY, Cal, Mass,Ill or Tex you could make out like a thief in the dark. Have no mercy. Guys and companies like this deserve everything they have coming to them.

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who should you confront

by Lizzy In reply to I cant believe I wondered ...

I am assuming that the CA in your address means that you're in Canada. Is that correct? If not, then perhaps you are in a backwards country and thus questioning what has been going on in your office.

Tape him, document every conversation in a notebook. Write down what he said and what you said, what he did and what your reaction was. Should you confront him? Sure. When he is being a pig, tell him. Ask him why he feels that he needs to do that and what he's so afraid of. Document his response--his sneer, his stupid remark, etc.

I am no lawyer, so I don't know if the tapes are admissible in court because your boss may not have known you were taping him or some such legal stuff. However, I do know that a journal\diary kept by you is admissible. Just write the date and time of each "conversation," and breifly outline what was said and what happened to make you uncomfortable.

Take him to court? Perhaps. Sometimes just fanning the journal in the faces of HR or you boss's boss may get the nonsense to stop. Still, you will need to decide if you want to work for a place that hires creeps like him.
Good luck to you.

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Or. . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to Promotion Withheld

At your next performance review (or sooner), ask him to specify the exact experience he believes you are lacking. If he says that you need X, Y and Z, then either show him that you already have it, or make plans to get it.

Get him to say, You need more experience .......... (fill in the blank).

If he won't fill in the blank with some specific things, ask him why he can't, or won't do that.

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Maxwell's advice is good

by mtnweb In reply to Or. . . .

Ask your boss for specific experience that you are lacking. Hopefully you have a good enough relationship with him that you can sit down, discuss that he has promised to promote you but hasn't because he says you need more experience. Tell him you want to get the particular experience he is seeking and ask him how that might be accomplished.

Of course, if he can't give you specific answers, you should look elsewhere for a position where advancement is possible. Don't waste your time with the boss who is continually "dangling the carrot in front of you" to exploit your talents and skills. You have the luxury of being employed and can stay in this position until you can find a better one with more opportunities. People with good IT and people skills are always in demand.

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