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Promotion Withheld

By JustKim ·
What should you do when your boss continuously makes promises to promote you but never follows through? The excuse is always that I need more experience but I have been "experiencing" this job for over 4 1/2 years and have yet to be promoted to manager. He never tells me specific reasons. Just that I need more experience.

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Like Max says

by Oz_Media In reply to Promotion Withheld

I'd be taking my 'experience' to the other guys. If yur effort is not appreciated or recognized where you are, perhas it will be somewhere else.

BUT....Is there a management position available for you where you are?

Is it one of those typically old fashioned companies that believes in hiring a bunch of middle management people and only one boss?

Have you asked the boss what specifically he feels you need to work on inorder to qualify for management? If HE can't tell you, then he is simply brushing you off. This may be due to several reasons,

a) he's afraid that if you are a manager he will have less control over operations, as he feels threatened by your modern IT knowledge.

b) He simply doen't feel you are what HE wants as management. Rather than get personal he just says you don't have enough experience.

c) It is genuine, for what he is wanting you simply don't fit the bill. Although you do have a few years experience, many companies wouldn't consider it sufficient for a management role

When I have hired management, I don't look for certs or experience, I look for what I want to hire as a manager, everything else can be taught or learned if you have the right person.

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Another possibility

by HereInOz In reply to Like Max says

It is also possible that there really isn't a management job to be promoted into, and the boss is just spinning the promotion line to keep you keen and enthusiastic.

It is a bit like "kids, be good, do the right thing and one day we will take you to Disneyland". Eventually you wake up that you are 45 years old and you never went to Disneyland.

The point here is, even though you never went to Disneyland, you have had a good life, you have enjoyed yourself, and really didn't miss the trip to Disneyland anyway.

Enough of the metaphor, back to the situation.

Don't sweat too much about whether you are promoted to "manager" or not. The big question to ask yourself is how you feel about getting out of bed in the morning and heading off to work.

If you get up thinking "Now I have to go to that sh**hole of a place for the next 10 hours", then being promoted to manager will not fix that.

If, on the other hand, you wake up with enthusiasm and at least feel comfortable about going to work, (we don't have to actually enjoy it - just be comfortable with it), what's your problem? Just do the work and enjoy life.

Believe me, being a "Manager" is not always what it is cracked up to be, and sometimes the best way to stuff up a great job is to become the manager and have to put up with all the corporate BS that goes with it.

Sometimes we push to become "manager" for the extra money it involves, only to find that the extra money just gets sucked up in our expanded lifestyle, and we find that while we were content and comfortable being the employee, we actively dislike being the "manager" but we are now stuck in it due to the workplace assumption that "you can't step backwards", and of course the extra money that we now "need".

Be careful about pushing for a position that will bring you more status, as it often comes at a higher price.

It's the quality of the job (or as Microsoft would call it - the Workplace Experience) that matters, not the title and the eventual salary.

But then, I'm only an old fart who has been through all of this stuff and am now quite happy doing what I do, letting the boss who is half my age have all the anguish.

Its a damn peaceful place to be.



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Look at what you want from the job!!

by mark In reply to Another possibility

My own experience has shown me that becoming the manager can actually be part of your undoing!

I joined an organisation and, as part of the role, became part of the Senior Management Team. I have since "resigned" from that team because it is serves no purpose other than to boost the ego's of the other members.

I have also suffered health wise since taking up this post because the organisation just threw the post together.

Anyway ... the result? The resume has been updated and I am now looking to take my skills to someone that gives a damn and I shall be looking after me :-)

So ... look at what your skills are and what you really want to do and go after something that matches that!

I wish you all the best.

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Why would you want to be a Manager?

by Sue's Comment In reply to Another possibility

Seems daft but being a manager is such a very different job. Is it status? Do you want/need more money? Are you fed up doing what you are doing?

Appearing disinterested may be the way forward. Enjoy what you are doing now!

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I already have all the responsibility

by JustKim In reply to Why would you want to be ...

It would be different if I wasn't already handling all of the responsibilities of the management position, without the pay or status. I've been the supervisor of the entire department for 4 years. Management just would not make the committment to promote me. There is an update to this story. I finally was awarded the promotion a couple of weeks ago. However, I was given only an 8% boost in salary. While my salary at supervisory level was adequate, a promotion to management should have according to and many others, been much higher. I've been told that it was because my promotion wasn't budgeted for this year even though it was a commitment made to me by my boss.

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I can answer that one.

by robmc In reply to Why would you want to be ...

I'd like to become a manager. Yes, it is a completely different job. I'm satisfied with my technical abilities. At this point, I believe I can handle whatever technical challenges come my way. I'd like to tackle larger projects. Those larger projects are large enough that they can't be completed by just one person.

I see management as the path to larger challenges.


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Office Politics

by TheChas In reply to Promotion Withheld

In many organizations, promotions to management level positions are as much about office politics as they are about technical skills.

How are your "people" skills?

How are you perceived by other managers?

You may need to work on both in order to be promoted to a manager position.

If on the other hand, you have created any enemies in management, your "best" option for advancement is to change jobs.


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by TomSal In reply to Office Politics

Here..its pretty silly how people come to be called "managers". You are basically tapped on the shoulder when the previous manager quits or is fired and they go "Oh you are now the new manager of XYZ department".

Supervisors are even more silly, they grant folks with no better skills than they just type well and do their job, so then they are tapped for supervisor title. We have folks here with zero leader skills, zero skills in how to deal with folks and barely 23 years of age who are supervisors.

Of course here titles mean little, unless you are high up the food chain then there is *some* meaning given to them.

So the moral of the story is -- DO NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP OVER THIS...if your boss can't see your hardwork, skills, quality of work and if you are good at following policy/procedure, etc. then go elsewhere if he is playing around with you on the promotion thing.

Perhaps your "promotion" would only wind up be a title only thing.

Titles are nice I guess for some folks, but a fancy title alone doesn't pay the mortgage or allow me to buy that sleek 60 inch plasma HDTV

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"Their perception of YOU"

by jeff.allen In reply to Office Politics

I know this one well. I don't frequent the same bars as the management team so that lessens my chance from the start...
After 4+ years, your Manager sees you as the job you do. The only real way to get that promotion is if your manager leaves and is replaced by one who doesn't know you and your position, or, leave this company and apply as a Manager in another.

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by FluxIt In reply to Promotion Withheld

Attilla the Hun would say that in order to kill a tiger one must surround it from every direction. In this way, paralysis sets in and it never attacks since it is so busy trying to figure out which direction to attack first. Your current boss has you surrounded and is you are in paralysis.

In the workplace there is little room for advancement unless you are in a large organization. You'll need to change jobs in order to advance.

Beware. Employers know exactly what they are willing to pay. Either you are willing to accept that or if you negotiate you are coming in too low to start with. If you have the ezperience they seek you'll be over qualified and they cannot pay you what you are worth. If you don't have the experience or training they can't pay you top dollar. You'll have to balance these things.

In my professional opinion, it would be better for you to build your own business. It is far more reqarding and challenging. If you do this as a paycheck then when you work you get paid when you don't wark you do not get paid. But if you leverage labor and technology to your advantage you'll be on the love boat cashing checks. its hard work but its worth it in the long run.

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