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Promotion Withheld

By JustKim ·
What should you do when your boss continuously makes promises to promote you but never follows through? The excuse is always that I need more experience but I have been "experiencing" this job for over 4 1/2 years and have yet to be promoted to manager. He never tells me specific reasons. Just that I need more experience.

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Hard to say....

by In reply to THE GAME...

without firsthand understanding of the situation. Start networking beyond your boss, if it's education or certifications you need get it.

Some places you can't overcome a well established management team. Many might be buddies, go to same church or whatever that makes their affiliation as strong as it is. Remember, management already in place has made that committment to support one another. It is their own fraternity.

If the promotions/raises aren't there do the bare minimum, that is unless you haven't sat down and specifically gotten the boss to nail the deficiency in the next performance appraisal. If the performance appraisal has anything negative on it, fight tooth and nail to have that upgraded to a more acceptable level, because it will surely be the blemish/what you will have to fight to overcome.

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Been there bought the T shirt and the video

by jorgie0 In reply to Promotion Withheld

I was also in the same box as you. I was sent to Australia on a two year contract. For 18 months I was leading a team of 9 developers. When it was time to return to the UK I asked what I would be returning to?

The answer was "We don't know yet"
I asked if I could come back as a Team Leader which got the response "You don't have enough experience".

This was both annoy and frustrating as they had not asked my boss in Australia and they also did not know me personally.

I voted with my feet and stayed with the company in Australia.

If you like the company you are currently with then the key question to ask is "What experience am I missing?" If they can't answer the question then there is something wrong!

The second question you need to think about is "Am I making this guy look good by doing my current job well and is he taking all the credit?"
If you this they might be then you need to find out what your options are, including updating your CV, which should never be more than a few months out of date anyway

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Here's an article with some answers...

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to Promotion Withheld

Techrepublic contributor Steven A. Watson set out to answer FrustratedAtWork's specific question in this article:

Take charge of your career with these strategies for reaching long-term goals

If you're looking for specific tactics that should earn you promotion into management, this is the article.

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Many good responses here

by DC_GUY In reply to Promotion Withheld

I particulary agree with the person who said that you simply might not have enough years of experience to be considered management material, regardless of how talented you actually are. Someone else mentioned the glut of extremely young and extremely clueless managers out there, your boss is undoubtedly a bit wary of adding to that pool. He may not be a good judge of people so he's erring on the side of caution.

Remember the chances are extremely great that your boss doesn't care at all about you as a person. Whether you can survive on your salary, whether you feel fulfilled... this is an era in which a lot of people aren't even very good about caring for their own children. You have to look at this situation through the boss's eyes and look for reasons why it would be in HIS best interest to promote you. Have you saved his keister a few times with your quick, clever handling of a rush assignment? Does he rely on your advice? Can you take over some of his workload? Will you represent him with flawless sycophantic accuracy in meetings?

The comments about people skills are also dead on. Ask your friends and colleagues for an honest answer: Do you have the personality -- the total attitude and behavior patterns -- to function like one of the managers in your company? One of the problems with being young is: that you are young. You may occasionally lapse into a mode of thinking or speaking that your elders think is simply inappropriate in a manager. Managers are never off duty, they never get to let it all hang out.

I'm just supposing here. I have no idea if any of these issues apply to you. If they do, then figure out what to do about it. If not, then you're faced with the choice of walking away from what appears to be a pretty secure paycheck and taking your chance out in the jungle -- during a period of intense global economic and political upheaval. Make doubly sure you know yourself before making a move. I walked away from a pretty secure job that was driving me nuts. I discovered that being unemployed is much worse than merely being driven nuts.

Good luck!

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I've seen this too many times

by MGEyre In reply to Promotion Withheld

What is probably happening is you are good in the position you are currently occupying, this in turn makes your boss look good. He does not want you promoted because he feels that if you move on then it will reflect badly on him. His solution keep making promises, occasionally give you some encouragement, a good appraisal, a small pay rise, a training course, this is all designed to keep you where you are, making him look good.

The solution is to request a performance review with the person who is next in the management chain ask what are the prospects of getting promoted within the next 6 to 12 months. If you do not get a straight answer let them know that you feel your career is stagnating and despite wishing to remain with the company you feel that you are being forced to move on. Make sure that they understand you do not want to leave but feel you have no option but to do so.

If you do leave, try to leave on good terms, although if I am right about the managers motives he will see your departure as a personal betrayal so try and find alternate people to provide you with references.

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".... seen this too many times" - Spot-On!

by Mike66 In reply to I've seen this too many t ...

My immediate thoughts, exactly.

Your boss needs you where you are! To do a job that you are 'too' good at (to be promoted away from it!).

This isn't the only possible explanation for his refusal to consider you for promotion - but it's the one I like best(!).

Solutions: 1. Don't be quite so 'good' at the job (not recommended because it destroys your own morale and it can come back to haunt you later in your career).

2. Find yourself a 'sponsor' within the company, outside of the department - preferably a rung higher up the ladder than your boss. He or she might be able to put your case for promotion to your boss.

3. Update your CV. But always leave on good terms, even with your boss. You never know what circumstances might bring you together again in the future.

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It May not be your Manager

by Spevy In reply to Promotion Withheld

Your manager's issue is that they cannot (or won't) articulate what experience you need. He may also be using it as a euphuism for something else (Maturity, B.O., attitude, whatever). You are in charge of your growth and development, but need the help of others to succeed. As others have noted you need to prompt your manager with a definition of what experience they want you to gain. If your manager won?t mentor you, then you need to find someone who will. You don?t have to change jobs to do that, but just make sure you don?t confuse mentor with cheerleader. So, you need to find out what is holding you back and don?t always take the easy way out and blame your manager ? no matter how much of an idiot, buffoon or loser they may be. Recognize them for who they are, and learn to work with that. (BTW I learnt more about how to be a good manager from the bad ones, then from the good ones).

As others have noted above, your manager may truly want to promote you but there isn?t another position available. If you see other people being promoted past you, then my above point really applies, if not perhaps the opportunity is not there, and it is time to look for a company that will let you grow.

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Get details

by gmorgan14 In reply to It May not be your Manage ...

You should find out if there is another reason. Was the person promoted more experienced than you?
Have you gone to your boss and asked specifically which "experience" he found that caused another to get the promotion? Finally, have you trained someone to do your job if you get promoted? Sometimes managers don't promote a person because you do such a good job where you are now. They know their department will suffer if you leave.
Hope this helps...

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Being too good at your job happens often

by IS Girl In reply to Get details

I have to say that I have seen many ambitious, hard working, highly skilled employees denied promotions in favor of an outside hire because they were "too good" at their current job.

Even in companies with "promote from within" policies, this happens often. They simply go through the motions and select a candidate with "more experience".

Is there a way around this? Yes...but it means leaving your current company and finding a job at the next level elsewhere.

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From the voice of experience

by FGarvin In reply to Promotion Withheld

I had job for over 8 years. I continually was up for promotion to manager. I was for all purposes already performing the job of manager, but when time came to actually promote me, they always gave it to others.
Sounds to me like you are in a dead end situation. Your manager has you where he/she wants you and no matter what, you will not be moved up.
It's time to Pack up your bags and find a new home.

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