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Prompt to confirm folder move on drag/drop

By jwolfer ·
Greetings all...

Been scouring the net all day trying to find a fix/hack for this.

We have many users who perform an accidental drag/drop on a folder rather than a solid double click to view the contents of the folder.

We find that folders will go missing, only to find it has been moved to a nearby folder by mistake.

I would like to know if there is a way to force a yes/no (or whatever) prompt to appear when a user drags and drops a folder using left click.

Permissions are not an option.. as they may very well need to move it, and if they are deliberate about it, it is fine. It is the accidental moves that are driving me nuts!

Thanks for your help in advance!

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could you elaborate...please?

by rueg In reply to SOLUTION

Did not understand squat of what was described on that microsoft support page. I'm having the same problem, but could you copy paste the excact things you used, and how :) ?

Thanks a bunch!

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Windows Explorer not IE

by rcaryl In reply to SOLUTION

This appears to work for Internet Explorer but not Windows Explorer. Does anyone know a solution for Windows Explorer we have the same issues here too!

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Intercept Drag & Drop

by gvl In reply to Windows Explorer not IE

Preventing or intercepting drag & drop actions through explorer can be done by writing a shell extension for explorer.

I had the same problems with users inadvertently moving files and am also a sw developer so I wrote an utility.

Although it's free for personal and non-profit use I don't want to spam a link here. But if you Google the title of this reply you should find it easily.

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Intercept Drag & Drop

by TrueAnswer In reply to Intercept Drag & Drop

Hi gvl@...
I tried to download your developed sw called Intercept Drag & Drop and installed it. However it does not work on my computer. Is it because it does not support Win 7 64-bit and I have a swedish language pack too!??

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Intercept Drag & Drop

by Swimxu In reply to Intercept Drag & Drop

I have also downloaded your product and cannot get it to work. I am also running Windows 7 64 bit Enterprise SP1.

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Confirmation Prompt

by ricky.obrien In reply to Windows Explorer not IE

i am amazed how hard it is just to get a comfirmation yes/no prompt to stop users moving folders/files by mistake, on windows nt and WfWg it was an option.

i believe almost every one just wants a simple soultion that dosnt involve reg hacks.
i work in the nhs with over 3200 PC's so something that can be done via Group Policy would be good.

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Disable or Prompt Drag and Drop

by shertzer In reply to Confirmation Prompt

Did you ever find an enterprise solution for this (i.e. Group Policy template)? I have tried the 1802 DWORD 1 registry hack, but it doesn't work (IE8? XP SP3? idk)... It is amazing that all of these threads I am finding are five or six years old with no solutions!

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