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PROOF of climate change & Planet Destruction - WE'VE GONE TOO FAR

By maxwell edison ·
Okay, now they've done it! I'm now on-board with the save-the-planet-from-destruction zealots. You now have me on your side. You converted me. I just can't take this anymore.

Now those villainous Republicans, LED BY THAT NO-GOOD, PLANET DESTROYING, GEORGE W. BUSH - are exporting, or should I say out-sourcing, our planet destruction.


Destroying the earth is one thing, but now we've started to DESTROY MARS with our climate changing, planet destroying life-styles. It's just the Americans, however, so the rest of the earth's population is free from blame. We are destroying Mars all by ourselves, undoubtedly another result of those status-symbol seeking, planet destroying, SUV owners.

Now we've really done it. I hope the Martians don't get pissed off and invade Earth over this.

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I honestly don't understand ...

by stress junkie In reply to PROOF of climate change & ...

... why people act like trying to preserve our environment is evil. I heard Sean Hannity accuse environmentalists for the New Orleans flood. Other Republican sycophants are always denying that the Earth is becoming unlivable. The fact that the glaciers at Glacier National Park located in Montana, Alberta, and British Columbia have melted doesn't impress these people. Here are a couple of links to information from the U.S. Geological Survey on this topic.

The fact that the ice caps of the Arctic and Antarctic are melting also seems to be unimportant to these people. Here are some information sources.

Yet I fail to see why people act like environmentalists are the enemy. What harm is done by trying to keep our planet habitable? Why are some people so angered by efforts to prevent continued destruction of the biomachine that we require to exist?

Environmentalism isn't principally about saving a species of rare frog or rare bird. These are just the peripheral details. The real goal of environmentalism is to preserve the human race. The environmentalists are just trying to keep the Earth habitable by humans.

The warming of the oceans may or may not be responsible for this year's hurricane intensity. One year or season is not reliable information on which to base a theory. But what if we continue to see more intense hurricanes every year from now on? It's possible that a trend like that could be caused by the oceans becoming warmer. Yet people who suggest that this is an important sign of the problems that we are causing to our environment are criticised. Why is that?

The dilution of the Atlantic ocean by melting ice at the poles could cause the Gulf Stream current to disappear. This would result in the Northern Hemisphere becoming colder. It is possible that Europe could become a lot colder which would reduce its ability to produce food. It has been theorized that the climate of Europe could become like that of Siberia. They are at the same latitudes. The only reason that Europe is warmer than Siberia now is that the Atlantic Gulf Steam current brings warm water directly to the British Islands. When the Gulf Stream stops flowing due to desalination of the oceans then Europe will become colder.

Changes in atmospheric currents could cause central North America to become much drier. This part of the world produces a huge amount of food for the entire world. If the central United States experiences a drought lasting many years then the amount of food produced would drop significantly. This could cause increase in famine. Famine leads to war. War leads to pestilence and a general decline in the quality of life.

These ideas are self evident to anyone with the objectivity to look at these issues outside of the influence of political biases. I don't understand how any intelligent person can scoff at the evidence that the Earth's environment is in trouble.

The Earth doesn't need people. If we change the environment enough to make it uninhabitable for humans the Earth will not care. If we destroy many of the species of life that share the Earth with us the Earth will not care. More species will evolve after the last human has died.

However, people need the Earth to remain pretty much as it is now in order for us to maintain our societies and standard of living. If the environment changes very much we will not be able to thrive as a species. The Earth will not support our population. We could make the Earth entirely unfit for any human life.

That is the point of environmentalism. So why does that make some people so angry?

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understand this.

by fungusAmongus In reply to I honestly don't understa ...

I really don't think anyone, even those "evil Republican" the media loves to point at, want to destroy the world. Here is the real truth...THE WORLD IS CONSTANTLY CHANGING, AND THERE IS ABSOLUTLY NOTHING US LOWLY HUMANS CAN DO ABOUT IT. Just a scant 9,000 years ago, The entire northern part of North America was covered in a glacier. New York City was under a 700 foot ice sheet. But someone, without "greenhouse gases" and "global warming", the earth warmed 10-15 degrees and HUGE friggin sheets of ice melted, covering VAST areas of land with the rising sea levels.

As far as the "species" argument, do you know that 99.999999% of all species that have inhabited this mudball have gone extinct, and 99.99999999999999999999999999999999999999% of those had no contact with **** sapiens at all?

Believe me, I am not "angry" about "environmentalism", as you say, I am angry about ignorance, just like I would if I caught the schools teaching my kids that the earth was flat.

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Half a point

by Oz_Media In reply to understand this.

Yes you are right, the Earth warms and cools naturally, it always has and always will, long after our spec of existence in its timeline.

This is ALSO not an argument of environmentalists though, but one most use to counter claims of global warming being increased by our emissions.

We are a very dense and unevolved species I am sure, when compared to other life. But we still have the ability to determine the effects of gases, and how chemicals mix, dissipate change proerties etc. This KNOWLEDGE, has proven that the emissions we emit, actually do increase the effect of global warming, even your president Bush finally accepted and agreed to this at the recent G8 summit. HE also agree that more testing is required to determine HOW MUCH our plants, factories, refineries, vehicles etc. actually effect the natural GW cycle. His failure was when he added that such tests could not be performed in America, but in other countries it's fine. What the f***s THAT about, George?

So whilst many, as yourself, quickly dismiss GW and man's emissions as being something of a concern to the preservation of our existence, the two are undeniably tied (proven now for many years). To WHAT degree is what is needed to be determined, so lets not test one of the most populated countries with more cars and refineries than the other countries being teted, it may just lead to undesireable or more embarrassing conclusions.

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half a brain

by maxwell edison In reply to Half a point

Conference Board Tells Big Fat Global Warming Lies

You've bought into the lies. This is a big scam. In 30 years you'll look back at yourself and laugh (or admit that you were duped).

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Yeah that;s it

by Oz_Media In reply to half a brain

I guess I'll be laughing with Bush too, he also bought into the lies.

You seem to be missing my entire point of this entire, smog, polution and global warming issue.

Firstly: Global warming is fact, it has warmed and cooled over billions of years, always has always will. To think otherwise is to be completely uneducated.

Secondly: Gases emitted from production, vehicles, cow flatulence etc. are all gases that do not break down naturally in our attmosphere and yes they do change the balance of gases in our atmosphere.

Thirdly: It is QUESTIONABLE, to what extent these gases actually INCREASE the natural effects of global warming. This is what Bush and ?llies' have agreed needs to be determined for the next G8.

This has NOTHING to do with claims of GREAT global warming, the article you provided is from a source only an American would think is a source Canadian's get information, as usual you offer a sad source of information. Independant free press? Or your opinion vs mine, there's no difference.

So the article you provided also agrees that there is a natural GW effect, there is MUCH scientific proof that our emissions do effect our atmosphere. I am not really concerned about GW though, in fact GW has never been a concern of mine. GW is an excuse people use to NOT live their lives in a more concious manner, if man's effect on global warmig is not conclusive, then I can waste resources and pollute all I like.

MY position is that there is 100% proof that our emissions KILL US, in fact 10's of thousands die each and every year from our own man made pollutants. We kil our plants and pollute ur waters, we remove trees and destroy natural habitats that maintain the natural food chain and life cycle of our planet that we rely on so heavily. But untl someone proves that our emissions have a devastating effect on natural GW, peopl ewill drive a hummer, promote the burnign of fossil fuels etc.

This complete disregard for WHAT IS PROVEN is the ridiculous part that proves so many to e completely blind to reality.

So lets save our planet by being more concious and responsible for our consumption and waste. IF after the test is done around the worl, an GWB FINALLY permits such tests to be conducted in his country, we find that ther IS a devestating effect on GW, then we are better off already.

So with this post being based purely on 100% fact that we ARE harmign our environment and there is a great possibility of increasing that harm. How can you now imply your half brain comment?

That comment needs to be aimed at those who feel that if our effects on GW are not provento be disasterous, then we don't have to control our emissions or reduce our harm to the planet. Or more directly, that comment should be aimed at yourself. But the truth of the matter is, you'll never know, your president simply refuses to let them find out.

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The UN's Endless Global Warming Lies

by maxwell edison In reply to Half a point

The Earth has not "warmed" in more than a half-century since the 1950s and meteorological satellites have consistently found a slight cooling , as have other devices such as radiosonde balloons. In short, there is NO global warming. At least, not one that will leave the Earth a barren desert in the next few decades or centuries.\Commentary\archive\200211\COM20021111d.html

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You've been SOoooo Duped

by maxwell edison In reply to Half a point

You've bought into the big lie, lock, stock and barrel. This is all a big scam. Won't you look silly in 30 years?

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That would be nice

by neilb@uk In reply to You've been SOoooo Duped

I mean it. I'd love to be wrong on this.

A far, far better outcome than you being wrong...

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Neal - A bet - In 2035

by maxwell edison In reply to That would be nice

...the loser buys the beer. Moreover, if you lose, you have to buy and drink ice cold American beer of the "light" variety. If I lose, I'll have to buy and drink that bitter and warm stuff that you call beer.

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