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PROOF of climate change & Planet Destruction - WE'VE GONE TOO FAR

By maxwell edison ·
Okay, now they've done it! I'm now on-board with the save-the-planet-from-destruction zealots. You now have me on your side. You converted me. I just can't take this anymore.

Now those villainous Republicans, LED BY THAT NO-GOOD, PLANET DESTROYING, GEORGE W. BUSH - are exporting, or should I say out-sourcing, our planet destruction.


Destroying the earth is one thing, but now we've started to DESTROY MARS with our climate changing, planet destroying life-styles. It's just the Americans, however, so the rest of the earth's population is free from blame. We are destroying Mars all by ourselves, undoubtedly another result of those status-symbol seeking, planet destroying, SUV owners.

Now we've really done it. I hope the Martians don't get pissed off and invade Earth over this.

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by TonytheTiger In reply to oh yes...that's totally t ...

Deer aren't wrong for wandering near human areas, Bugs aren't wrong for flying in front of our cars,

Creatures do what creatures do, through instinct or habit. There is no right or wrong to it.

And I suspect that many humans don't "lick parts of themselves most sentient" because they CAN'T!

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by jck In reply to oh yes...that's totally t ...


Deer have much more highly developed brains than bugs. Deer detect scents and have much higher developed vision and hearing. Therefore, they are more likely to move away from you if you're in your yard, than an ant does if you're just standing in your yard.

of course...I've seen people do stupid things like...walk into a street while reading a book and get hit by a car.

maybe we're not so developed after all?

that'd explain some of the thinking that gets expressed here.

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I bet you do

by Oz_Media In reply to You've been SOoooo Duped

I bet 30 years ago you actually looked and sounded intelligent and were perhaps able to carry out a converstaion that stays in context and on track.

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Act like there is

by ozi Eagle In reply to You've been SOoooo Duped

To paraphrase Voltaire (I think) when he discussed the existence of God, that he didn't know whether there is or isn't a God, but to be on the safe side ACT as if there were.
With GW lets be on the SAFE side and ACT as if there were.

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NEIL - Another Creationist!

by maxwell edison In reply to Act like there is

Okay, Neil. Set this guy srtaight. Now he's applying creationism to the global warming farce.

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Try reading

by ozi Eagle In reply to NEIL - Another Creationis ...

Hey Max, where in my post is there anything about creation?
I paraphrased something from a19th century author and applied it to GW (global warming)ie if you aren't sure of something existing ,that could harm you, then you had better act as if it did exist and take steps to avoid it, BEFORE it hits you in the face.

Ditto CFCs.

BTW my only possible credence to creation is that "let there be light" refers to the Big Bang, though how Jewish peasants several thousand years ago were sophisticated enough to know about the Big Bang beats me.

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ozi Eagle - Nothing critical intended

by maxwell edison In reply to NEIL - Another Creationis ...

I was hoping Neil would read it, as what I wrote might be considered "a private joke" that only Neil would understand.

Sorry, didn't mean to imply anything.

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Feel free to act like there is yourself.

by Absolutely In reply to Act like there is

That does seem prudent, moreso in the case of possible climate change than in the extremely improbable possibility of a deity, but in any case it's wrong to legislate behavior on others until the possibility is proven to be a certainty or very high probability.

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by ozi Eagle In reply to Feel free to act like the ...

Is this like legislating speed limits on roads, so that you don't go too fast and POSSIBLY lose control and hurt yourself or others? No proof that you will.

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pollution warming...and tasty cheese

by jck In reply to Half a point

1) Q) Why will pollution always be a problem?
A) Because companies buy their way into writing their own pollution-control legislation.

Information follows from a non-partisan campaign reform group on the issue of big-money contribution to campaigns of representatives who are more relaxed on pollution control.

2) Q) Is global warming occuring?
A) Yes, according to Sir John Haughton, former professor of Oxford University

As follows is onoe of his lectures on global warming, its effects, and scientific and projected statistical data on the topic.

And this is some commentary from a researcher in Atmospheric Science at NOAA concerning effects on ocean- and atmospheric-based CO2 increases on the environment and how we know they are effecting the environment adversely.

And, some bookmarks he provides some of which have sources of data on global warming.

3) Q: What cheese is tasty?
A: Free cheese.

Have a nice day.

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