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Proper partioning of hard drive for new

By bobbinaw ·
Hi everyone,
Need u guys advise on how to partion a
20G hard drive well, I will be running win 2000, office 2000 & some applications.Thanks.

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partion size

by bearbait In reply to 3gb - 4gb single partitio ...

2 gig is 2 small for nt or w2k. The reason is that ntfs utilizes at least 12% of each partion in overhead, and you need a minimum of 250/350mb for swap files. NTFS needs room to breath. Give it that and it will be a solid, stable os. For my networked nt boxes, I make a 4 gig boot partion, then the rest goes to data and apps. If the os crashes, then my data is safe, and I need to reload the apps anyway, and NT has plenty of breathing room, and the box is a happy little box as is the user. :)

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Base it on usage.

by james.carey In reply to partion size

I have 5 workstations on my home network. This works for me. I play games and run verious non game applications. I use 4 gig for for my System/Boot partition. On this partition I install the OS and all non Game apps. The rest of the drive I use for Games and downloading. This allows me to control what and when I defrag based on need. The bigger the drive, the more likely you are to want to split it to keep the data manageable and organized. Example, my system partion and apps rarely changes, and wont need to be defraged that often, but the games partion does and needs to be defraged a lot. More next message.

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Base it on usage - cont.

by james.carey In reply to partion size

Lets assume you do a lot of downloading, have a large number of non-game apps, play games and have a 40 gig drive this might work for you:

system/boot partition: 2 gig. (rarely changes, defrag as needed.) (Keep temp directory clean)

Apps partition: 18 gig. (Defrag based on installs, uninstalls and size of data saved).

Games partition: 17 Gig. (Defrag based on installs and uninstalls).

Downloads partition: 3 gig. (Constantly changes, Defrag frequently.)

This reduces the amount of time defraging and logically organizes data into managable partitions.

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by mishratron In reply to Partitioning HD

I have w2k pro at home, and I have run server
MY Professional is on an 11 GIG partiton, on the server machine it is a 40 GIG partition

However 2GBs should be enough for the boot/system partions,the rest for data.
Makes for easier backups

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No 2 gb limit on WIN2000....

by TomSal In reply to Partitioning HD

There is no 2gb limit on Win 2000.

But then 2gb isn't a limit on NT 4.0 either. (Either that or I'm STARING over at one of directories on one of my NT 4.0 server's and "its lying to me" saying that it has an 8 gig partition).

Actually in theory (don't you just love sentences that start with, "in theory"?! LOL)..the NT 4.0 kernel is designed to support about 16 exabytes (that's 4,000 GIGS X 4,000 GIGS) of attached drive storeage. But then according to the amount of times I've bought powerball tickets "in theory" I should be a multi-millionaire by now.


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re: NT partioning

by bearbait In reply to No 2 gb limit on WIN2000. ...

NT will support as large a boot partion and subsequent partions as you wish to create. However, on a clean hd, you must first create a 2 gig partion, load the os,, then go back and delete the partion and reload. Now you can make the partions any size. That is, of course, as long as you format ntfs. Fat16 will only do 2 gig.

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Large system partitions.

by rharmer In reply to re: NT partioning

With the large size off HDDs and the decreased cost of RAM, it makes sense to create a large system partition. (If you are using NT, simply format the HDD on an existing NT SP4+ box first and then plug it in to your box to be installed).

Create alarge pagefile right away. You may only be using 512MB RAM now, but what about in 6 months? Changing your pagefile size after the fact makes it fragmented accross your partition.

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by centaurus In reply to Proper partioning of hard ...

I recommend you to make 2 partition with 10Gb each (50/50) that way you can have a operating system partition (first) and in the second you can store all sensible info and data. That way you can format the first one (you know windows...)withoutlosing info wich will be stored in the second half of the disk.

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regarding this scheme....

by l.inverse In reply to Partitioning

Better get a real backup system working AND leave your disk in 1 partition...
With software these days going over the 1 GIG per application ( YES I DO MEAN GAMES TOO) like 3D-design s/w. better get all the space in 1 part... also try to get a real good defragging tool.

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partition is my vote

by bruce_lawrie In reply to regarding this scheme....

I am from the old school - and would partition the drive into two partitions. One for the OS (windows may need to be redone) and you won't lose your DATA if you keep it in the other partition. Size for the two -either 10/10mb or 5mb for the OS andthe rest for the Data.

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