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Pros and Cons - Dell or Build Your Own

By maxwell edison ·

I won't say much about my opinion (at this point), but I'm looking for the pros and cons of buying Dell computers versus building your own. This will be for desktop computing, not servers.

Over the past many years, I've always built my own computers, but one of the company officers wants to consider buying Dells instead. We're assembling a list of pros and cons for either option. I have my list, but there's always room for more considerations.

I've also posted this in the Q&A section (top featured question). However, I'd like this to generate enough interest and activity to keep it on the featured discussions list (at least for one day), so if you want to post your thoughts here, then copy them to the question section, you'll get a share of a bunch of points. (One can never have enough points, can one?)

Thanks for your time.

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Proprietary, yet simple

by ghstinshll In reply to Are proprietary parts an ...

In my experience, even if the manufacturer uses proprietary parts, you are usually able to use the 3-5 yr service plan you typically buy with the machines. This allows you to make sure that the correct parts get installed regardless, keeping your standardization and images the same without any need for change until major software updates.

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Pre-Loaded Software

by maxwell edison In reply to Pros and Cons - Dell or B ...

And, of course, there's the pre-loaded software issue to contend with. For example, can one choose the operating system that's installed - W2K or XP? What about versions of Office and the like?

I remember reading something that Lordinfidel postedon a different discussion thread about the first thing he did with a pre-manufactured computer. He said he blew away ALL the pre-loaded stuff, including the operating system, and installed his own versions and choices - configured his way.

Just another consideration.

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I wouldn't **** away the OS on OEM

by rdunn In reply to Pre-Loaded Software

I would clean it up, to be sure... but many OEM vendors don't like it when you are not using their image. You basically don't want to unnecessarily change anything if you don't have to.

This being said, I will clean all the gimmicky stuff off ofthe PC, get it to a base OS, load the patches, then go from there. You can also add drivers to the image, sysprep it, and have an image for a wide assortment of Dell models. For example, the Optiplex GX series is pretty consistent so modifying theimage for something like Sysprep is pretty easy.

I don't like doing the pc-build route for corporations because it raises TCO. You can't ever have a 100% idea if a roll-out will work with your hardware unless it's consistent.

So, to sum up,if you can standardize on hardware, your help desk will LOVE you.

Hope this helps - great discussion...

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Perspective of size

by maxwell edison In reply to I wouldn't blow away the ...

You say that, "your help desk will LOVE you".

I AM the help desk AND the network administrator AND the PC Tech. AND the trainer AND anything and everything else IT related.

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You gotta love yourself before...

by rdunn In reply to Perspective of size

someone can love you, soooo...


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Standards standards standards

by rdunn In reply to Perspective of size

My apologies if this posted twice...

What I mean is (my opinion) when you build your PCs, you are invariably going to limit the company's approach to support in the future - any TCO book will tell you this.

-However- that doesn't mean that youare limited to big OEMs

At the very least, build your PCs with the SAME hardware every time - vary on the hard drive and memory perhaps for need... but I would make it a part of your standard to not deviate away from the manufacturers of choice.Only by ABit Motherboards, Seagate hard drives for example. Buy them in BULK, it will help you negotiate if you have problems with the vendor later.

The point is (ah, the point!) the more consistent you build your PCs, the less problems that youwill encounter later on when you roll out applications or new hardware standards. You can't know where you're going if you're not sure where you are -


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Hardware Revisioning

by ghstinshll In reply to Standards standards stand ...

In one office, I even suggested that we follow a "revision guideline" with each piece of hardware they came out with, whether I was their consultant or not. Whenever they purchased a batch of hardware, make sure they're all the same standard platform, and give that revision a name and number. That way they can always relate to those specs to assume much in their documentation...

And who knows if they documented a single thing after I left...

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"ALL-IN-WONDER" tech...

by ghstinshll In reply to Perspective of size

I feel your pain, and telecom, and network, oh, and "projector man"!!!!!!! People never want to hook up projectors on their own, no matter where you work!


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The pimp has spoken!

by ghstinshll In reply to I wouldn't blow away the ...

Rob is da man in imaging, so I'd have to say I agree with him, but what's up with "removing the gimmicky stuff"? I guess if you aren't able to put a fresh OS on there, then I guess you're stuck with that. In most large corporations though, they havesomething worked out with the hardware vendor anyway, OR they simply don't buy from them, like Gateway!!!!! (-:{

That's why in all the houses Rob and I have worked in together, they had solid HP, Dell, or Compaq machines. We've had to work on some Toshibas, but we don't like to talk about that.

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Are you serious ???

by omie In reply to I wouldn't blow away the ...

Personally .. I will spend less time in blowing up the OS and OEM rather than cleaning it. In cleaning it it would take you time to clear it in the registry.When you clean it there is no way you will be sure in getting all those items you don't like. How are you going to solve those missing DLL and INI when they appear at the startup.
Again softwares are getting smarters in hiding at the registry specially those trial versions.
Good Luck

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