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Pro's/Con's of CEO installing spyware w/o employees knowledge?

By evin.hill ·
I am a sys admin for a small company only 50 employees. Over the weekend the CEO installed spyware on all the machines to track activity on the network, i.e.-E-mail, access to files, internet activity, etc. I was here for the install, but did not do the install myself. There was an outside company that was brought in to do it. The spyware is the kind that runs in the background. It was a "hush hush" install. Nobody in the company know's about it other than myself, the CEO and the company that installed it. Do you think this was the right way to do it? Not letting anyone know? The software itself has caused a tremendous amount of "lag" on our workstations. I have to keep my mouth shut as to why and just say "it's from the upgrade to a 'secure network'" I just don't feel it's right. Any of you have this experience?

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Sure Bob

by Oz_Media In reply to Keylogger

You gotta remember though, this isn't someone plotting to fire Bill Gates. Employees usually will not drop the cash needed to find and pay a decent lawyer in such cases, it's just a lost income at this level I'm sure. PLUS, most lawyers wouldn't even consider taking on such a case unless in a very with a very esteemed corporate opportunuty to further their career.

Having a corporate lawyer in the family myself, I hear about all the IDIOTIC cases where people try to sue major corporations over $80,000/yr jobs that aren't contracted past a standard employee contract with the company.

This person may just be surfing porn or sending out resumes on company time. Perhaps something got back to the boss from another company and he is just assuring the validity before saying bye bye to the employee.

Either way, they will most likely just lose a job and move on, disgruntled employees rant and rave about rights and laws and make noise but when it really comes down to it, they just take a pissed off atitude to the next employer.

But your story was much more exciting to ponder!

Have a good Christmas.

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by Bob in Calgary In reply to Sure Bob

Small companies are probably different but the larger ones would be in serious problems over something like this, The joys of the privacy legislation are only just starting.

Have a good christmas, A high of -24 on Boxing day! time for movies and beer, after I feed the animals Brrrrrrrrrrr.

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Sad State of Affairs

by AcesKaraoke In reply to True

It's too bad that these extremes would ever have to be considered, much less implemented.

A couple of rotten apples can spoil a REALLY big barrel.

I am hard-pressed to blame the supervisors either, the abuses of company assets and resources by employees can sometimes be more than can be believed.

Hope this was warranted. I don't know how quick to bring in an outside company to spy on my employees I would be.

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It's not that bad Bob,

by Oz_Media In reply to True

I just finished blabbing with a friend in Ft. St. John (-37 with the windchill) brrrr, but she seems to deal with it for now.

The news tonight showed really crappy weater everywhere, I am starting to feel guilty because it was absolutely gorgeous today, sunny and clear.

Texas has it rather nasty, TO is yucky, etc., but the maritimes and west coast are surprisingly nice this winter.

Oh well, light a fire and pour a drink while enjoying the holiday.

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Yes but

by Bob in Calgary In reply to It's not that bad Bob,

My automatic waterers have blocked up or frozen so I need to wait till spring to dig up the lines which means that in the meantime I need to haul water by hand(well snow mobile or truck) for all the animals as well as feed them, It turns a 30min job into a 2 hour job. When the high is around -20's we get a wicked wingchill as there is nothing in between us and the mountains to the west and the longview pass so we can get winds up to 100Km per hour. Last year the wind blew our 25foot travel trail sideways 12 inches. Well it could be worse at least I won't be behind a computer.

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Yeah it gets pretty wierd there sometmes

by Oz_Media In reply to Yes but

YOu can see a storm hitting the island LONG before it gets there, you get a lot of notice.

When I was camping in Kananaskis, Alta. you could have a heat wave and withing 1 minute you'd get hail the size of gold balls. I reme3mber watching the army evac people by the chopper load after getting nailed from the hail there.

Within a half hour, the swealtering heat was back and just trickles where the hail melted. VERY unpredictable and pretty wierd really, but that's the ALberta valley I suppose. All in all, one of the greatest places around though, Kananaskis country, now THAT's a spectacle to see!

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Well OZ

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to It's not that bad Bob,

Just think of it this way tonight you could be on a yacht sailing to Hobart in not so great conditions.

At least it would be warm even if you did have a very strong breeze coming up behind you to help fill the sails.

Of course when you get to Bass Straight all bets are off as it can either be a smooth passage or all Hell breaks loose you just never can tell what is going to happen on that stretch of water.


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Depends on the companies written policies

by awfernald In reply to Pro's/Con's of CEO instal ...

And a court of law may be the one who decides or not.

As with e-mail, in a case such as this, if you have not been given a policy stating that your every keystroke is going to be recorded, etc.... then you have a reasonable expectation of a right to privacy.

However, if the company has a clear cut policy that states that all computer usage can/may be recorded INCLUDING the utilization of key press tracking/recording, remote screen capture, and various "other" methods, then the employees have no expectation of having privacy, and thus, they cannot complain if they are misusing company equipment.

The biggest thing I see here is that there should NEVER be a case (except when a legal authority is gathering evidence for a CRIMINAL case), where an employer makes this type of change in a covert fashion as if they are out to catch their employees doing something wrong. In the best case scenario (i.e. the owner/boss isn't an idiot), these tools should be advertised to DETER wrong-doing, and of course, to prosecute to the appropriate extent, violations that were not deterred.

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