Prtable CD to old stereo radio receiver

By Onkel Gunnar ·
I am figurin' on connecting a homemade cable from the earphone connection of my portable (dragable) CD-player to the line input of the mississ'es old HiFI stereo amplifyer.

Any Caveats or things I should bera in mind?

Thanks in advane and thumbs.


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You are quite right. It is totally illegal. Just a mindslip.

by Onkel Gunnar In reply to RE: [i]but let him keep w ...

In the UN and soccer World hampionship there are 170 - 190 countries represented.

Might mean there are about 200 countries in the world.

each one might have its own jurisdiction and various law enforcement.

It's hard to regard approximately 80 million people as criminals


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That's not how the Bureaucracies and Big Business see things

by OH Smeg In reply to RE: [i]but let him keep w ...

they see every one as trying to steal from them at every opportunity, Of course because they think that way it encourages a lot of people to do exactly that make Valid Claims or just do as they like. Could be that they are getting exactly what the deserve. :^0

Personally I love the way that Record Companies always say that the Artists are the ones suffering when actually the artists get very little of every Record Sold and even less of any MP3 Tracks sold which cost the Record Companies even less than a Record. Owning any Record Company is just a license to print money and take from others whenever possible. But as most people think as they act I can say from personal experience that those in the Recording Industry on the Business Side at least get exactly what they deserve. :0


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I bet...

by Onkel Gunnar In reply to The USB Turntables

I bet 50 cent 10 % of them will not be rereleased.

Considered transfering them into 196 kbit MP3:s?


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Yes I have considered ripping them to MP3

by OH Smeg In reply to I bet...

But it is time consuming to do and then properly clean up. Vinyl is Noisy and can be downright nasty with nasty Turntables or Poor Quality Pickups so there is much more work involved than just transferring to a HDD in any form.

This is only something worth doing in a case where the material is not available from other forms and in my case that is about 95% of the Vinyl that I have here. Things like the Original Master Disc's are not things that are likely to be moved to CD or any other form in the same Quality as the original Vinyl Disc which is a pity. But then again the same can be said about most of the stuff that I have on Open Reel as well and they require far more looking after than the Vinyl does. With Vinyl you are not likely to have the sound degrade owing to Print Through for instance but it is really a full time job to move a lot of this over to Digital Form and even then depending on where you reside it may not be legal to keep Backup's of what you have done if it is Legal to even change the format of the Music to begin with. After all how do we expect the Poor recoding companies to make money if we don't constantly buy what they have to sell. :^0


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You will still

by Jacky Howe In reply to Mighty thanks

need a soundcard. You may also need a USB 2 PCI card to get the full benefit of USB 2. The turntable that you are looking at should have a built-in pre-amp.

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by Onkel Gunnar In reply to You will still

I have not been screwing around in old computes for some yeas now, and i have mislaid my old tools.

would a n ordinary built in usb 2.0 work pretty well?

preamp and RIAA curve it will be.


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You'll be OK

by Jacky Howe In reply to USB PCI

if it already has USB 2 support. The Turntable should have the Pre-Amp so it should be good to go.

Don't forget with the Thumbs that the answers only have to be Helpful and don't necessarily have to be a definitive answer. The Chas has gone to great lengths with his response.


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Headphone Our Versus Line In

by TheChas In reply to Prtable CD to old stereo ...

One thing to watch out for is that the headphone out jack on many systems has too high of a voltage to be used with some line-in connections.

"Walkman" style portable devices have a fairly low headphone output level. A "dragable" portable system may have a high power amplifier that could easily overdrive the line input of just about any system. If this is a high output system, you may need to add an attenuator circuit in line with the cable. Radio Shack and other electronics suppliers used to have headphone jack attenuators that just plugged in.

Being a large portable, I might also presume it has a standard 1/4" headphone jack rather than the 3.5mm mini-jack. You can find adapters that convert 1/4" jacks to 3.5mm and then use the premade cable.

If you do end up making your own cable, start with a standard RCA type patch cable, and just cut off one end. Most of the 3.5mm headphone cables I have worked with are constructed in such a manner that it is very difficult to make the shield (common) connections for both channels.

On either style of headphone plug, the left signal lead connects to the "tip" or point of the plug.
The right channel connects to the "ring" or center piece.
Both shields (ground) connect to the "shield" or outer connection.

3.5mm mini plugs require some patience to make good solder connections to.

Once you have everything working properly, I recommend using aquarium grade silicone sealant to encase the 3.5mm connections and provide some strain relief for the connections. You must use the aquarium grade or "non-acetic acid" silicone or it will corrode the connections. If it smells like vinegar, it is the wrong type to use.

One final note, using a headphone out jack can be frustrating. The setting of the volume control on the unit will have a significant impact on the level and quality of the sound from the system.


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Far out Chas

by Onkel Gunnar In reply to Headphone Our Versus Line ...

Mighty thank for thorough and professional advice.

output is probably 30 - 70 ohm and output voltage can be set with volume control.

line input is probably 50 - 100 kohm , 0.77 volts.

the headphone jack is 3.5 mm and kills the internal speaker. no other output or input.
it is combinde cd radio and tape.

i stopped soldering 15 years ago. my brther can follow your clear description.


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Why use a cable?

by Bizzo In reply to Prtable CD to old stereo ...
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