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Psst! I've been talking about you...

By oneamazingwriter ·

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Tech Supoort is Incredible!

by oneamazingwriter In reply to Psst! I've been talking a ...

I received an email that let me know that it's not possible for people to comment on the blog in the link. Huh? So off I went and found "Settings" and sure enough! Well, that's been fixed now.
That also explains why my Yahoo account has allowed some mail past my BULK. I've been getting replies and thought they were spam! (Well, maybe they were such unfavorable replies that I would have called them spam.)
Take note, People. When you send an email, especially to someone attention to what you put in the Subject. I delete anything that isn't from a familiar address and has a subject that doesn't mean anything to me. Security means more to me than popularity. I love my PC.

edited for the t in thought

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subject line - no control sometimes

by jdclyde In reply to Tech Supoort is Incredibl ...

if you do a peer mail from TR, the subject line is ALWAYS "Message from a TechRepublic Member" and there is nothing you can do about it.

Security. If your not using OUTLOOK EXPRESS, and turn off HTML mail (dumbest thing I have ever heard of!), then opening the mail to see what it is won't nail you.

And of course because we KNOW that your not running your system as Administrator, that also lowers your risk level.

Note about blogs. You know you can feed your external blogs into the TR blog area?

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jd you are a prince!

by oneamazingwriter In reply to subject line - no control ...

Hon, I'm here for what I DON'T know! I do understand about peer mail from TR, though. The mail I was referring to was from people writing to let me know their comments on the blog at Blogspot.
I use yahoo with two different addresses for such things. So you are saying that if I open anything there, nothing bad will happen, right?
I only use IE for personal mail to my address. I don't surf under that ID. That keeps me
I've seen the feed but haven't figured out how to use it. There have been times that I wanted to link to a feed and looked at the script and said, "Honey, you're just a stunt person, not an understudy. That script is over your head." But that's why I joined here. If you can get things into my head I will love you forever. Promise!
While I am rambling here...please read my most recent blog at this site. You do your part, so it's not intended for you, but let me know what you think.

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One other note

by jdclyde In reply to jd you are a prince!

I am definately the wrong person to write ANYTHING that could be taken as a DE, so you have to proof read anything you write from the gutter to make sure that something can't be taken from this lower vantage point.

Your fairly new here, so I will let this lob ball pass, THIS time! ]:)

Look at using ThunderBird for your mail. I haven't tried it yet, because all my mail goes through my work Lotus Notes, but it is SUPPOSE to be more secure than Outlook.

Scripts for Blogs. Never tried it as I don't do external blogs. Start a discussion about what you want to do though, and you KNOW people will be tripping over each other to be the first to rescue the damsel in distress!

Most recent blog? I will head back over and see what you went on about THIS time! B-) Will get back to you.

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I'm a dead duck

by oneamazingwriter In reply to One other note

floating here. I don't even know what DE means! ROFL.
Proofreading from the gutter is a great concept, but I apparently have a high gutter, jd. (There's no hope for some of us.) The only advice I can offer along those lines is that you groan a lot and say, "This kid is thick!" Others have done that for years and it seems to help them a lot! I'd still toss kisses at you if Smorty would see to it that I got that emoticon. It's got to be safe enough from this distance!

edited: for making a mess! (thanks, M_A_R_K)

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by M_a_r_k In reply to I'm a dead duck

What a DE is...I already answered that one for someone else a while back:**472&messageID=1977888

BTW, amazing1, you have a few typos that you didn't correct in this post that I am replying to.

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by oneamazingwriter In reply to DE

Wow! Now there's a good word to describe most of the conversations that I am subject to, and why a lot goes right over my head. Thanks for the links, Mark.

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Duck hunting

by jdclyde In reply to I'm a dead duck

DE, look here.
(you just didn't know the abriviation to put in to context is all)

As for a high gutter, trust me, we can bring you down to our level! ]:) It is kind of a mission in life..... B-)

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(semi)-Serious question here, jd

by neilb@uk In reply to Duck hunting

Is the DE very common in the US. I've just been through the Wiki article and it suggests that its more British than I realised (and not even good French).

Do you, for instance, have the phrase "As the actress said to the Bishop" or "As the Bishop said to the actress"? These are often used to flag up unintentional blatantly sexual DEs.

"It's too hard for me to get it in"
"As the actress said to the Bishop"


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To quote wikipedia

by oneamazingwriter In reply to Duck hunting

Children would find this comedy funny, but because most children lack understanding of the hidden implication in innuendo, they would find it funny for a completely different reason to most adult viewers.

That's about where I'm at most days. I seemed to have ceased to develop in that area about the age of five. From time to time a hormone kicks in and I hit 18 and aware, but for the most part it's a lost cause!!
edited:to remove an extra E from hormone, before jd adds the W!

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