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Publishing Private Health Info

By Bucky Kaufman (MCSD) ·
TechRepublic Member Oz_Media posted personal medical information about another member in a discussion forum - information he has no idea about its accuracy. Without a signed released and *massive* security controls, such releases of private medical information are illegal.

What do you think? Do you think people who release unconfirmed, privledged medical information about others to slander them in public discussion forums should be prosecuted? Should they simply have their posting privledges removed?

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Your shots at Bucky are justified, yet he is just a tired old man with no direction in life and some real medical, psychological problems.

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Cold Turkey

Seriously Garion, I've seldom agreed with many of your rather frightening rants, and you have disagreed with me more than once, and not always in the nicest way. Then, you find out I'm a girl, and you want to know if I'm SINGLE?
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I think I actully, really did, injure myself with laughter on that one. In all fairness to your suitor, a lot of girls go for the jerks. For them, abuse is more effective than flowers and candy.

Here, in the states, we refer to those pairings as "Republican". Ya know - slaves submit to your husbands, and all that rot.

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by Packet Spoofer In reply to Do you watch the Simpsons ...

I could go for some of that large hairy mole action right about now......wanna have a beer sugarbiscuits? LOL

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I would..

by maecuff In reply to Do you watch the Simpsons ...

But I've gained more weight and it's physically impossible for me to leave the house.

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by maecuff In reply to Mae you are a naughty lit ...

I went to Catholic School, I've already said my hail marys and our fathers. I had a lifetime's worth in by the 3rd grade.

As far as Oz's and Max's medical issues, well, I'm perceptive, I gleaned that from their postings.

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Well after going to Catholic School

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Col..

You should at least know how to behave and that it isn't polite to mention all the aliments by our fellow Peers Particularly a Medical Student with a Large Silver Hammer.

OK I'll relent you can take the whole poor box on the way out.

Actually I have my nephews now attending a Catholic School and they drive me nuts in the way that they carry on always saying prays and insisting on saying grace before you eat. But hopefully they will grow out of it as they are only in the 5-7 year mark and I'm convinced my sister is only doing this to get at me as she has this nasty smirk on her face when ever it happens or she says "Show Uncle Col your new prayer" and then leaves the room giggling.


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You can't be serious

by TomSal In reply to Publishing Private Health ... have to be kidding right?

Ever hear the saying "Can't stand the heat? Get out of the kitchen" applies on forums, especially some of the high emotional stuff that appears on occassion in the TR misc. forums.

I have been flamed numerous times on this and other forums, it comes with the territory if you are vocal about your personal opinions that you share with others. I flame back, they flame back and usually more times than not I realize the point of the discord I have the person, we'll talk about our differing opinions and it usually ends on relatively good terms knowing we disagree passionately with each other -- but with respect.

Sometimes though you come accross someone who really is low, degrading and shots below the belt truly motivated by hate -- those people you open the can o' whoop a$$ on and you might even report them to the board's administrator.

However, your post is just ridiculous and I think you should just get over it and move on -- like the rest of us do.

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TomSal - what you said

by maxwell edison In reply to You can't be serious

You said, "Sometimes though you come across someone who really is low, degrading and shots below the belt truly motivated by hate".

We have indeed run across such a person - and his name is Bucky.

By the way, Oz repeated only what Bucky, himself, revealed and admitted - and posted - on another Internet blog.

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Thanks for the tip. :)

by TomSal In reply to TomSal - what you said

Hmm...thanks for the tip, I really just "encountered" Bucky this last week or so, before then I don't remember a thread a participated in with him.

But I'll take your post as a warning to consider when reading his stuff.


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TomSal - A sad case if you ask me

by maxwell edison In reply to Thanks for the tip. :)

Bucky's been around TechRepublic for several years, but he's never really gotten involved in these off-topic political discussions, at least not that I've noticed. It's painfully obvious that he has a serious axe to grind with the Republican Party and President Bush - even more than the normal opponents and/or real Bush-bashers; and anyone who harps on the "NeoCons" as he does is a dead give-away for identifying an extreme fringe - and even paranoid - way of thinking.

What's really interesting, however, is the fact that he's been a contributing writer for TechRepublic and CNet, but he appears out of nowhere, the day after the election, to antagonize most everyone in these threads - both Bush supporters and opponents. I suppose he values his fringe-thinking opinions more than he does his credibility at TechRepublic.

He also has listed (at different sites) that he believes the government has proof of ETs. He's a real "conspiracy-type" guy. NeoCons conspiring to control the world, captured ETs, etc. Geesh, save it for science-fiction movies. And he even accused some guy of stalking him - and then he accused me of being that guy in disguise - Fred something-or-other.

Hey, sue me, but I see a real problem-child here. In my opinion, he has some serious hate and paranoia issues. I hope he gets help.

The irony or all ironies - Bucky has ME defending OzMedia. Who'd a' thunk it?

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LMAO I was thinking of that Max!!

by TomSal In reply to TomSal - A sad case if yo ...

"The irony or all ironies - Bucky has ME defending OzMedia. Who'd a' thunk it?"

HAHA...I was thinking how profound that statement is above!!

And who says the impossible isn't possible? :)

I find it interesting btw, to hear that guy is a contributing writer for Cnet and TR...just for s**ts and grins I'd like to read some of his stuff.

I must of been sleeping or just not noticing him if he's been around here for years....considering when I first started using TR it was still in the beta stage.

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