Q re: XP Pro Sp3 DeviceMgr "Non-Plug & Play Drivers"

By TerryGH ·
I posted this question on the MS Hardware Newsgroup earlier so excuse the duplication. I'll save a long winded description for now, but essentially as a result of a major trojan virus infection (now deemed clean by Trend Micro), serious
damage was done to my network adapters (all showing yellow ! marks) and some of the non-plug and play drivers (e.g., AFD, IPSEC driver, TCP/IP Protocol
Driver). My tech friend and the manuf. of the Mavell Yukon PCI/PCI-E controllers have already walked me thru trying to update the drivers from the
Marvell site (mssg says no better driver found), so the next step seems to be to see if the non plug and play drivers are the underlying culprit.

So my initial question is since right-clicking on the non plug and play drivers only gives me a choice between disabling or uninstalling (no option
to update drivers), and the properties for each of the flagged drivers says "this device is not present or working properly etc (code 24)" ----- how do I go about reinstalling them? Will XP Pro automatically try to add them on a reboot like the main network adapters (which are reinstalled ok but still are
yellow ! flagged). Or maybe the on reboot I will be prompted to insert the XP install disk?

Or... am I doomed to having to reformat the HD and do a complete re-install of XP Pro since I see in the details tab of properties that the Device Instance
Id is something like "ROOT\LEGACY_TCIP\0000"?

Thanks in advance for any ideas ....

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I did not know that.

by seanferd In reply to KillDisk & XP Pro Reinsta ...

I only mentioned Killdisk as it has been suggested before as being possibly easier to use with SATA.

Sure, if it works for you, restart it if you've noticed it has finished.

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XP Pro Re-installed Ok ... Mega-Thanks

by TerryGH In reply to I did not know that.

Meant to post last night that I have the system re-installed/updated & the basic SW (TM a/v (for now), Office03 etc) reinstalled and updated, so once again mega-thanks to you guys for your patience and incredibly generous help and support.

FYI re Killdisk -- the free version did let me run the erase manually and only took an hour or so each time, so that basically went according to plan.

One mini-Q on the re-installed system is that I didn't recall on the new system setup (this past March) that the "My Documents" icon was placed on my desktop and see that it is called a system folder vs a short-cut/"regular" file folder. I have copied over my backed up document folders to the HD doc & settings\TGH\My Documents folder and both the the desktop "My Documents" icon and from the Start menu>My Documents opens the correct folder, but I notice in the address bar it just says "My Documents" vs showing the full path ala "C:\Documents and Settings\TGH\My Documents".

So to avoid confusing this still-soggy brain down the road, and assuming I shouldn't delete the desktop/system folder icon for My Documents, is there a way to change the settings so when the icon is clicked and directory is opened it will show the correct location in the address bar?

Or just leave it be, move it to the Unused Desktop Shortcuts folder and instead create a shortcut to the correct location that when opened will remind me of the actual location of the My Documents folder?

Once again big time thanks for all your help ... TGH

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Did you

by Jacky Howe In reply to XP Pro Re-installed Ok .. ...

copy the contents of your Backed up My Documents or did you copy the folders as well. You should just copy the contents and leave the original folders intact.

The other alternative is to copy your backup to another folder and redirect My Documents.

To relocate My Documents

Right Mouse click on My Documents and select Properties.

Select Move and navigate to the folder that you wish to use.

Select "OK" a screen should come up with a heading Move Documents.

Select "NO".

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My Documents System Folder ok

by TerryGH In reply to Did you

I think all is ok, Jacky -- I did reset the properties to point to the correct folder. I just didn't remember that before it only showed "My Documents" in the WinExplorer address bar ... oh well, this old dog needs to keep learning new tricks

Thanks again for all your help ... Terry

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Really good to hear you were successful!

by seanferd In reply to My Documents System Folde ...

Don't forget - you can rename that My Documents system shortcut on the desktop.

You can also choose whether to show those types of icons on the Desktop at all.

Right-click desktop, choose Properties. On the desktop tab, click Customize Desktop.

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Thanks Sean & Jacky ....

by TerryGH In reply to Really good to hear you w ...

.... just in case I didn't say that enough already and in case I missed checking any thumbs up replies from you guys -:)


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Your welcome

by Jacky Howe In reply to My Documents System Folde ...

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