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question about cooling of laptops

By DanLM ·
Recently I bought a lanovo laptop so that my girlfriend could have a pc when she is here. Because she isn't here all the time, and I just can't get use to using a laptop it was siting idle I installed the grid computing application on it. I am hugely into the grid computing with regard to Seti and the Einstein projects, and the laptop is crunching decent numbers. It's only a dual 1.6, but it's idle so it is crunching numbers 24/7.

With all the news that was in the paper last year about laptops starting on fire, I'm worried about this one. This is running on house current and not battery. I know, obvious because it is on 24/7.

My question is, should I be concerned about this over heating? I have checked it, and it doesn't seem hot. But I would go out and buy an adapter/stand that would cool the laptop if this is an issue.
Actually, does anyone see any harm in running a laptop 24/7???

I know, dumb questions... But I really don't want to fry this laptop.


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OK a couple of things that I've seen used

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to question about cooling of ...

Some old Dot Matrix Printer Stands work quite well at lifting the NB off a Table and placing it on an angle so that it's easier to use. This also prevents any covering of the Table/Desk getting sucked up and blocking the Air Intake though it does nothing to stop dust getting sucked in and eventually blocking the Air Passages up.

Cool Pads like the Antec one actually suck air under a NB and direct it down to the surface that it's sitting on so any dust and other airborne junk has a faster Kenetic Energy and fails to get sucked into the NB and this I've found is a necessity in keeping NB Clean & Cool. The Heat Sink Fins never get blocked up and things like the Battery & HDD remain much cooler that they otherwise would making the NB last longer.


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Heat Kills battery Life

by Thmiuatga In reply to question about cooling of ...

Actually the issue of heat kills battery life. If you keep the laptop plugged in 24/7 just pull out the battery and leave it out. It's usually best to drain down a battery to the point where the capacity is at about 40%. When you leave it in with the laptop plugged into the mains it will heat up and the heat affects the life of the battery. I don't know about Antec Cooling pads but I had one of their notebook coolers and that worked very well with the HP laptop I had.

But obviously, the heat will also affect the circuits and the hard drive so the cooler the laptop is while it's running, the better it will be.

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been-there dun'that Too!

by tonoohay In reply to question about cooling of ...

When I started doing DVD writes the laptop
was a Pizza oven, so I found small 5VDC fans
(1x1x1/4 inch) and made a guide to suck out
the heat zone and ran them off the USB port?

Also I decided to have a monitor to view what
is going on when BIG CPU/Memory/D'Drive stuff
got loaded down.
Found a FREE solution that works great and has a Professional upgrade for more intense
enterprise monitoring.
Notebook Hardware Control at this URL:

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