Question of immediate import

By santeewelding ·
Moments ago, I saw a cockroach on the wall. It scurried downward, behind the monitor, too late for me to act.

Momentarily, it showed up with antennae twitching above the keyboard. I whacked it with my TR-recommended swatter. Not hard enough, or I missed. Scurried away, it did.

Absentmindedly, while reading some member dismissing us for talking about talking too much, I put the tumbler to my lips for another sip of sherry.


It had fallen in. It struggled against my upper lip.


Do we talk about talking too much?

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by _Papa_ In reply to Hey!

I just realized what I implied about Victor Borge, too!

I repent!

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Real men swallow

by DelbertPGH In reply to Question of immediate imp ...

Sherry, that is.

I heard that in Thailand they deep-fry roaches. Maybe they have a superior snacking roach.

Incidentally, sherry is kind of an elite drink. Don't meet many sherry drinkers.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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You are running in the wrong circles...

by JamesRL In reply to Real men swallow

Among the English, Sherry is a popular aperatif. Not uncommon to go to a dinner party and be offered one before dinner is served.

My mom drank Sherry. Didn't grow up rich, for sure. English ancestry though.

Some of my friends drink Sherry.

My Father in law drank Sherry. Grew up in Ireland, was a popular aperatif.

My wife drinks Sherry, and I do as well.

Guess I'm one of them there elitety type fellers. I drink Earl Grey tea too, if that matters.

Harvey's Bristol Cream is a good Sherry to start with. Has kind of a nutty flavour.

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Mmmm. Tea.

by seanferd In reply to You are running in the wr ...

Earl Grey is good. I also became quite fond of English Breakfast Tea. I came across it in a weird little discount store in California (I believe, in Whittier) on a working trip there. Imported, came in a little wooden box. I was hooked, instantly.

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English breakfast tea is nice...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Mmmm. Tea.

I've long since slipped into the greens and whites though...
Had to do with a teapot. Old, much used, black on the inside.
Then, after hold green tea a few times... all clean.
Got me thinking about black stuff offa normal tea, and about the cleansing properties of green tea.
Tastes good too.

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Green teas are good, too.

by seanferd In reply to English breakfast tea is ...

I've never settled on any particular type or brand, though.

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Green Tea is great for a cold

by Tink! In reply to Green teas are good, too.

I've found that simply drinking a lot of hot Green Tea constantly throughout the day helps my cold/cough go away fast and without nasty OTC meds.

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Lapsang Souchong

by _Papa_ In reply to Green Tea is great for a ...

Is delicious, if you like barbecued tea.

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Actually Scotch is much better than Green Tea

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Green Tea is great for a ...

Drink lots of that stuff during the day and you no longer care if you have or don't have a cold.

You don't overly care about work either which works for me.


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Well what you should have done is

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Question of immediate imp ...

Look in the Drink Container first. Though drinking Sherry out of Plastic Cups is just so wrong on so many levels to begin with.

You'll also have to stop sipping the sherry and Skool it straight down, that way the Cocky goes straight into your Stomach hitting the bottom without touching the sides and the Protein doesn't do you any harm at all.

As the old saying goes What The Eye can not see the Heart Can Not Grieve. So basically if you don't know to begin with there is no problem. Except for the poor little Cocky of course.

So Santee in future treat the Sherry like Burning Booze and throw it straight down.


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