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By santeewelding ·
Moments ago, I saw a cockroach on the wall. It scurried downward, behind the monitor, too late for me to act.

Momentarily, it showed up with antennae twitching above the keyboard. I whacked it with my TR-recommended swatter. Not hard enough, or I missed. Scurried away, it did.

Absentmindedly, while reading some member dismissing us for talking about talking too much, I put the tumbler to my lips for another sip of sherry.


It had fallen in. It struggled against my upper lip.


Do we talk about talking too much?

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by SmartAceW0LF In reply to Said roach

seems a waste of good Sherry to me. Sigh, you let the bugger win. I think I would have had to eat 'em!

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Yep Deep Frying after basting in Sherry

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Still...

Sounds like a Recipe to me as well.


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I suspect

by _Papa_ In reply to We never talk about talki ...

that roach had an expensive funeral as I'm sure Santee drinks only the best hooch.

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Or you could grow a Mustachio to stop this happening again

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Question of immediate imp ...

After all it's blatantly obvious you need something to strain your drinks with. :^0

Now you have me thinking of Joe's Apartment

Be Afraid we know where you live, WE LIVE WHERE YOU LIVE.

So what cocky have you upset recently and why are they out to get you Santee?


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I can't recommend the mustache and beard

by _Papa_ In reply to Or you could grow a Musta ...

...for insect control. Having sported one for a few years, I found it to be the favored vacation spot for my dearly departed dog's resident fleas. I now know why guys are always scratching their beard.

My cat's fleas, however, don't seem to favor the VanDyke I now farm, I guess they consider it cramped quarters.

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RE: My cat's fleas, however, don't seem to favor the VanDyke I now farm

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I can't recommend the mus ...

Maybe like all things related to cats they just have poorer taste.

Though as I used to breed Great Danes that is never a problem that I've run across.


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Don't Great Danes

by _Papa_ In reply to RE: My cat's fleas, howev ...

...have Great Fleas?

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They sure do

by santeewelding In reply to Don't Great Danes

They're so big you have to shoot them. The fleas, that is.

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RE: have Great Fleas?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Don't Great Danes

No they have normal flees but millions more of em.

They have lots more room to carry the flees.

But as they also have short hair my dogs at least didn't have many fleas.

Drool and hair stains on cloths are entirely a different matter though. :^0

You learn never to wear single color things floral patterns tend to hide the drool marks and hair.

Makes things hard when you have Black and Blue dogs though as what hides one color shows the other.

The only real problem we had with Fleas was a Ground Flea Infestation in a Country town where we lived and it affected everyone. You walked downstairs and your legs turned black.

Things where so bad that the dogs didn't want to go down the stairs they would just sit on the top step and look miserable. Of course if they had some Play Time things where different.

I hit the entire yard with Flea wash and spread Lime under the house and never had any problems again. The Pest Controller was making a killing though spraying yards every second day to try to control those Ground Fleas. My treatment also stooped the ticks which you could see advancing across the neighbors yards infesting everything that they crossed.


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by AnsuGisalas In reply to Don't Great Danes

"Don't Great Danes
...have Great Fleas?"

I resemble that implication!

Btw, funny thing; guess what great danes are called in Danish?

Highlight to see the answer:<font color="#FFFFFF">Grand Danois</color>

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