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Questions here need accountability!

By -Q-240248 ·
I know some of you who are regulars here can sympathize with me here: People who are posting questions are not closing them or even bothering to rate any of them. Now, I try to get here as often as I can, but this isn't my only place of visit. I'm here to keep up with everything and help out when I can, but none of our time here is well spent when the questioners are ignoring your answers or don't even bother to thank you with point awards. I

A complaint is no good without a solution, so mysolution is that this forum auto-send emails every day reminding questioners that they have an open question. This will also help us in figuring out which questions are STILL open (after months), and eliminate some "wasting time" answering questionsthat aren't even active. WHat do you think? Post a comment to the techrepublic people demanding accountability!


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The max age time is too long...

by -Q-240248 In reply to Speaking officially?

C'mon, 30 days is worthless. People need to stay on top of their questions. 5 days is more reasonable, and I still prefer a daily reminder. It's not intrusive. That's the price you pay to have a question read by nearly a million technical people! And if you post a question, do you get notified when someone answers? Should be.

There are many people who post here and need a reply ASAP, get a reply, and close the question. THere are others who post a question, read the answers and leave, neverreturning until they have another question. These are the ones that will be "inconvenienced" and I say let's inconvenience them!

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Speaking of Notifications...

by SyscoKid In reply to The max age time is too l ...

I know this is going off topic bit now you've got me going! :)

1. It's insane for me, when I post an answer, to have to check off that I want to be notified immediately when my answer is rated. Of COURSE I do! How else will I know? The box should be checked by default. This is one situation where "opt-out" is ok.

2. Even when I check the box, I don't necessarily get notified. My points have increased 3 times since yesterday, and no notification. now MAYBE I forgot to check that darn box once, but THREE times.

I've written to TR about it and it's been "referred to the development team".

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by SyscoKid In reply to Speaking officially?

Thanks for participating, Joshua. I hope you will pass our concerns along.

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Reply to Auto-notification

by -Q-240248 In reply to Thanks

Couldn't reply to that one, due to max. reply level reached, so u won't be able to reply to this one either!

But u probably realized that it USED to be that that auto-notification box was checked by default. Now they changed it for some reason.
But you're lucky to have seen an increase in points, because I haven't seen anything since I started answering a few days ago! None of them have been rated!

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by xdrfox7 In reply to Thanks

if it takes six men six days to dig six holes, How long will it take one man to dig a half hole ...........?

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Learn your own Product Joshua!

by donq In reply to Speaking officially?

Anyone can look in (almost) any category and find both answered and unanswered questions 1+ YEARS old that remain open Josh. Why don't you check what you publish first?? Now you can do us all a favor and tell QC lots of users are upset because theforum is abused so often and TechRepublic's fix IS NOT WORKING!!! Help us - don't fib to us Mr. TechRepublic employee.

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Aw, Cut The Guy Some Slack

by SyscoKid In reply to Learn your own Product Jo ...

I'm pretty sure he's talking about a newly implemented policy. It'll take some time to weed thru all the old stuff.

After all, they DID get rid of that hacker pretty thoroughly, though it took some time.

Let's concentrate on getting them to shorten the reminder timeframes.

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by asdfasf In reply to Learn your own Product Jo ...

Remember that the new site only went up a few weeks ago. They coulden't just delete all the old questions at that time. Give it time to work out. But lower the timelimits.

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Learn to add databyte

by whoiskevin In reply to Learn your own Product Jo ...

This product just went up a few weeks ago. With 30, 60, and 90 day time frames the first cut hasn't occured yet.
You don't help us get action to lower time frames when you demonstrate lack of understanding. If you are a technology person I would think you would be a little more quick than that. Being critical is easy. Obviously the concerns have been addressed now only the frequency is in question. I suggest a mail to customer service since we can't guarantee the right people are going tosee this discussion.

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Notify checkbox not selected by default

by DavidAndGoliath In reply to Speaking officially?

The reason this was changed was to comply with some "no spam" standards. I don't know the exact wording, but the idea is that a user should have to take an action (check a box) *if* they want to receive email from a site, and the default should be to not receive the email.

Trying to please hundreds of thousands of users is tough to say the least. Some want checked by default, some get emails that they don't understand and think TR is spamming them. I think letting the user specify in a preference would be nice, but then some people complain about or refuse cookies. We try to do what will please the most people and what the powers-that-be agree to.

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