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Questions here need accountability!

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I know some of you who are regulars here can sympathize with me here: People who are posting questions are not closing them or even bothering to rate any of them. Now, I try to get here as often as I can, but this isn't my only place of visit. I'm here to keep up with everything and help out when I can, but none of our time here is well spent when the questioners are ignoring your answers or don't even bother to thank you with point awards. I

A complaint is no good without a solution, so mysolution is that this forum auto-send emails every day reminding questioners that they have an open question. This will also help us in figuring out which questions are STILL open (after months), and eliminate some "wasting time" answering questionsthat aren't even active. WHat do you think? Post a comment to the techrepublic people demanding accountability!


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My Humble Opinion

by SyscoKid In reply to Notify checkbox not selec ...

This is one situation where "opt-out" is just wrongheaded.

OK, I can see where answering a question shouldn't necessarily *subscribe* you to a question thread (though I think it should), but come on. Find me a handful of people who, when they answer a question, don't wonder how they made out.

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I Meant Opt-In, In Previous Post

by SyscoKid In reply to Speaking officially?

I shouldn't have to opt in.

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Not True or Not Working!

by donq In reply to Situation addressed

Check any often used category, Index down a few pages and EVERY category holds Open questions (with and without answers) from 1999 through now???

a 90 days algorythm is not in place!

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Eerie Coincidence!!!

by SyscoKid In reply to Not True or Not Working!

Well whup me upside the head with a 2x4, but I just noticed that some questions I answered months ago are being rated. It could very well be a coincidence, or maybe reminders are going out.

Now, all the answers have been rejected, either becausethe poster had no intention of giving points, or they've just lost interest. Which is another argument against 30-60-90.

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5,10,15 instead of 30,60,90

by smers In reply to Situation addressed

Great algorithm!, now you need to go back into it and change the triggers to 5, 10, and 15 DAYS. Three Months is way too long to wait for forced distribution.


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Easy Point Collection

by mbarker734 In reply to Situation addressed

Hey that's all fine and dandy. Just post an answer (doesn't even have to be to that question) and play the odds. Good chance the question will go into default and you will recieve points. hmmm, If I only had 5 points for every one you could do that with.

But then again, some people post ligit answers and still get no rating/points. Seems to me the poster simply reads the answer performs the suggestion and ignores the reward.

I would rather my answers go unrated than get rejected to simply save someone points. I don't post answers unless I have a solution, as I am sure is true for many others as well. When looking at the stats, accepted/rejected can look bad even with very viable answers.

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I Agree and More

by SyscoKid In reply to Questions here need accou ...

I agree, but it's not a problem only here. I have the same problem at another site I frequent.

I used to keep a database of my questions and follow up myself. It paid off a few times but it's cumbersome. Now if the "My Questions" section contained all your questions, instead of a random sampling of 20 open and closed questions, that would be useful too.

Finally, far too many people post tech questions in the discussion area, where they rarely get answered. This should be discouraged by more than a statement in the FAQ. Who reads FAQs unless absolutely necessary. It should be on the Start a Discussion page.

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My Questions Page

by DavidAndGoliath In reply to I Agree and More

Do you have more than 20 questions open at a time? That seems like a pretty rare case if you do. The questions are sorted by descending last activity date. The closed questions could have a MORE link to give you a full list, and I suppose the open questions list could too.

I agree with you about people asking questions in the discussion area which should have been asked in Q&A forums. The distinction needs to be more clear on the discussions home page and on the post page.

Thanks for the constructive input!

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RE: My Questions Page PLUS Daily Points

by SyscoKid In reply to My Questions Page

I guess I have more than 20 open questions! But not really, questions show up there where my answer has been rejec6ted but the question is still open. And yeah, I just figured out that they were sorted in reverse order by activity date.

The My Closed Questions section is questions I've asked. What I'd like to see is a section called My Accepted Answers because 1). Questions are frequently repeated and I'd like to easily find my previous answers, and 2). so I can see which of my answers wasaccepted in the (all too frequent) event that I don't get email notification. (Got more points overnight, no idea where they came from).

Which brings up another off topic question. Whatever happened to the 50 points per day for logging in? That went south long before the site change.

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Another Idea

by Keblerelf In reply to RE: My Questions Page PLU ...

I definitely like the ideas from the last posts in regards to showing those that have been answered and accepted. The thing that gets so annoying right now is that in the list of questions that I've answered it shows ones that were rejected and closed, accepted and closed, not rated, etc etc. The only way I've found to tell if one I've answered has even been rated is to go through and click on every single one. If nothing else I'd like to see something next to each question that at least showedthe status (still open or closed) and even better if it showed as well if your's was accepted or not. Then I'd also like an option to where I could remove one (or multiple) questions from even showing up on that screen anymore.

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