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Questions here need accountability!

By -Q-240248 ·
I know some of you who are regulars here can sympathize with me here: People who are posting questions are not closing them or even bothering to rate any of them. Now, I try to get here as often as I can, but this isn't my only place of visit. I'm here to keep up with everything and help out when I can, but none of our time here is well spent when the questioners are ignoring your answers or don't even bother to thank you with point awards. I

A complaint is no good without a solution, so mysolution is that this forum auto-send emails every day reminding questioners that they have an open question. This will also help us in figuring out which questions are STILL open (after months), and eliminate some "wasting time" answering questionsthat aren't even active. WHat do you think? Post a comment to the techrepublic people demanding accountability!


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Roger That!

by jm In reply to Questions here need accou ...
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I second that ...

by sibasis75 In reply to Questions here need accou ...

yeah if its going to be done let it be done the right way ... the responsible way... People not responsible enough should be given an oppurtunity to do things the way it should be done ... no offence ... just wishing for a better tommorow... will evolve to the best tommorow if everyone understands responsibility ... )

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Some comments...

by -Q-240248 In reply to Questions here need accou ...

Thanks for the answers! I see I'm definately not alone in this matter! I have some additional comments:

We're all more or less computer literate here and we don't think that automatically notifying us about our answer ratings would be constitutedas SPAM. The box should undeniably be checked by default.

I would like to see daily email reminders go out to questioners whose questions are idle and open for more than 5 days. 10 day-old idle questions need to be removed to the CLOSED section.

And for those with a habit of leaving questions for the bit bin, I say no longer allow them to post questions. Like you guys, I don't have a lot of time to sit here and answer questions all day, only to have them be ignored or not rewarded. Thereneeds to be better accountability!

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Guilty as Charged !!!

by mjervis In reply to Some comments...

I myself have left questions open. However here are the reasons I have left them open. 1. not sufficient enough answers. 2. waiting on an answer that would work. I feel the 30,60,90 should be changed, however I feel it should be 30,45,60 because some questions ask about scheduled tasks that have monthly overlays. And reminder messages are not spam, If I had a reminder message on my last 2 questions they would not have stayed open. I feel also that box should be checked by default. <<< only my 2cents >>>

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New Reject Answers Without Closing

by DavidAndGoliath In reply to Guilty as Charged !!!

You can now reject answers without closing the question which you couldn't do in the past. You can also post comments to your question to further clarify it or to state that an answer worked partially, etc. You could leave it open and if you weren't getting answers and it is important enough, you can now increase the number of points its worth. This should pop it to the top of the list for other users who use the filter to sort questions by points.

Hope this helps.

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Oh, don't get me wrong!

by -Q-240248 In reply to New Reject Answers Withou ...

This site has improved trememdously! Many thanks to the TechRepublic team! It's really nothing they did, it's just the people getting a free ride and not honorably following the 'community' rules...

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by Earthworm In reply to Some comments...

With the new Coments feature a question should not go more than 10 days without some form of intraction from the questioner. 5 days may be a bit short due to the workweek may not be a valid time for experimenting on some systems, to check if answers are good, but 10 I think is a good number. Give ten days of stagnation from questioner, then send a not, give an additional 5 then kill it.

The old questions are deffinetly a problem.


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When the Dust Settles!

by donq In reply to Some comments...

Thanks a MILLION for entering + following the discussion! This forum has helped folks in the past, and will help many more in the future. We all learn new stuff every day - and that's what's so great about this web site. I was evidently wrong about the new algorythm not working (apologies) and that is GOOD NEWS. Checking the automatic notification by default is also a good idea!!!

We'll just get better and better by discussing our concerns honestly!

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Cut & Paste?

by donq In reply to Another Hacker Hits TR??! ...

It looks like some Ctrl = C - Ctrl + V wizardry to me? I for one won't try it to verify my suspissions however.

This turned into a great discussion y'all!
Thanks for all the good ideas AND positive feedback!

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