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Questions regarding registering a domain

By maru3445 ·
I have a Windows 2003 AD sever in which the domain was named domainname.local. I would like to add exchange server to this to get email from the outside world. I am confused as to how this might happen for a couple of reason, 1) the domainname.local's corresponding is already registered to someone else, so I will have to register a domain name that doesn't match what is in AD and 2)How will exchange get emails from the outside world if it is part of domainname.local as opposed to a .com domain? Any thoughts/ideas would be great.


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by CG IT In reply to Questions regarding regis ...

I disagree with synergy's suggestion to renaming your internal domain to a public extension.

nowadays, for security configuration, supposed experts suggests that you name your private domain with an extension other than those publically available and even not use the .local [because everyone knows that one]. ICANN has the authority over the roots such as .com .net etc. The .com IP to names can be resolved by public name servers which may or may not provide a hole into your private network if said private network uses the public DNS name [not to mention the fowarder issue in DNS which using an extenstion other than whats publically availble resolves]. A private network is only private in that it uses non routable ip addresses [which NAT overcomes] and a firewall [closed door]. If you did not have some form of a firewall [and use private IP addressing] your private network would only be a segment of your ISPs network [and in reality your public IP address is a host address on a segment]

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by CG IT In reply to

other than that Synergy is right on, on configuring exchange to work with both a private and public DNS name.

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by CG IT In reply to

I didn't quite finish the last paragraph. your public ip address assigned to you from your ISP is really your host address on their network. the only thing that seperates you from the rest of the internet world is A: a firewall and B: private IP addressing. DNS .local or .whatever extension is not resolvable on the internet by internet name servers or authoritative name server [other than those authoritative name server on your lan ]. In theory, this is supposed to be a type of security feature.

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by maru3445 In reply to

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by maru3445 In reply to Questions regarding regis ...

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