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RAID 5 question

By p.hernandez ·
A co-worker of mine has a theory that if I take a drive from a RAID 5 set and put it into another server also using RAID 5, the data from the original server will propagate to the drives on the new server. I'm not sure if this is true. Can someoneconfirm or deny this? Thanks.

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LMAO!!! Is this april fools?

by TomSal In reply to RAID 5 question

Sorry if you are serious, no disrespect -- but after I saw the original post date (4/1) I was wondering if this is an April Fools joke.

But NO. It simply will not work.

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That's what I thought also

by LordInfidel In reply to LMAO!!! Is this april foo ...

Except, apparently comapq's smart Array has an extend array option. (see cb admin's posts to me above)

Now I personally have never tried it, although I do have plenty of compaq servers with SmartArray controllers. Nor do I plan on ever trying it.
"Danger Will Robinson, Danger"

This definetly can't be done on adaptec cards or dells PERC cards (which is based on adaptec anyways).

It just seems too much like partition magic to me.

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Not likely

by rschmid In reply to RAID 5 question

You need at least two of the three drives to have that happen.

One drive get half the file info, the second drive gets the other half, the third gets a parity bit set to track the two files and allows restores if either of the two fail.

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