RAID with a Partitioned Hardrive HELP!!!!!

By viccuranovic ·
I have windows 2003 server (R2) and My hardrive is partitioned (C & D). I need to setup a RAID 1 Config for my O.S. and RAID 5 for my Data. But how do I go about doing that since they are partitioned? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Please explain WHY?

by jdclyde In reply to RAID with a Partitioned H ...

There is something called the KISS technique. Keep it simple stupid.

The more complex you make something, the HARDER it will be for you to maintain it.

Make the entire thing RAID 5. The OS doesn't take up THAT much space, and everytime you segment your drives, you limit yourself.

Suppose you fill up your data section, but have plenty of space not being used on the OS segment, because it is only the OS?

Put it all together and raid 5 it all. If you ever have a crash or start thinking you could fill up your drives, you will be glad you did it that way.

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It might make sense in PROD but with more drives...

by daveo2000 In reply to Please explain WHY?

What we do is mirror the OS and RAID 5 the data but with different physical disks. The OS is mirrored so that you can make a new OS build on a different disk, break the mirror, deactivate the remaining OS disk, install the new OS disk and test. If the new disk fails to work right you just revert. If the new one works then you just "rebuild" the mirror overwriting the old OS copy.

AS far as the data goes, mirroring gets pretty expensive so RAID 5 is fine.

Whether or not you can do this on one physical drive with different logical partitions is up in the air. I am now hoping he is asking to mirror C: onto a different disk but I first read this as mirroring C: onto . Maybe just still asleep.

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you can mirror on logical drives

by jdclyde In reply to It might make sense in PR ...

but you can't RAID on logical drives.

also, RAID 5 uses more disks than mirroring because it does mirror AND stripe (raid 0 and 1) giving you reliability AND speed.

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I did not get into detail of the Post

by viccuranovic In reply to It might make sense in PR ...

I understand that RAID will not work when you have logical drives. They have to be actual physical drives. I wanted to have RAID 1 for the OS and RAID 5 for data (for RAID 5 you have to have at least 3 physical drives for it to work). I really did not explain in detail of the POST, I apologize for that. I need to know what is the best way to tackle this problem, be it image of the drives and separate them into two onto physical drives (if that is possible) or any other suggestions.

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If you are going to be building from scratch. . .

by huoml In reply to I did not get into detail ...

then creating, at hardware level, RAID-1 (minimum two drives) for your C (OS) and creating RAID-5 (minimum three drives) would be the basic solution.

If you are asking if you could keep your current install of OS and somehow transfer to the new RAID OS drive, I do not know.

The data can always be backed up before reconfiguring from scratch and then copied back to newly configured data drive.

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