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By rajk984 ·
how can i give command in ms dos

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by jdclyde In reply to TiggerTwo

jd likes the way mae thinks, going directly to the bender visual (thanks!).

jd was NOT making a crude reference, but instead was quoting an old saying that means "the whole thing", meaning a complete nude vs decorated with panties.

Were jd to join in the current direction of the conversation, he would talk about clams with beards and such, but he is way to mature for such things.

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Pond Scum

by The Scummy One In reply to TiggerTwo

ROFLMAO -- Go Mae!!!

oh, and JD, keep telling yourself that "I Like Girls", and maybe one day it will come true :^0

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by TechExec2 In reply to TiggerTwo

I read somewhere that every night before bed that Ted Haggard spends ten minutes chanting: "I like girls ... I like girls ... I like girls ... I like girls ... I like girls ... I like girls ... I like girls ... I like girls ... I like girls ... I like girls ... I like girls ... I like girls ... I like girls ... I like girls ... I like girls ... I like girls ... I like girls ... I like girls ... I like girls ... I like girls ... I like girls ... I like girls ... I like girls ... I like girls ... "

He says it is working for him. His wife disagrees. ;\

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by ganyssa In reply to TiggerTwo

got distracted by something relatively pointless, and actually did about 20 minutes of research, but now is willing to ask the stupid question. Does that phrase mean something or is it just random? Does one actually stitch up a kipper? The fish, or the bizarre dog on TV that talks like he's high and hangs out with the pig named Arnold?

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by Dumphrey In reply to TiggerTwo

ya know Tech, I did something like that once, the chanting "I like girls" thing, only much less organized and conscious. At the time, I called it being 16...

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Mae, that was NOT nice, dammit!

by Absolutely In reply to TiggerTwo

Now, don't go getting your Depends in a twist, I do not mean that Mae is not nice, dammit; I only mean that this post by Mae

was not nice, dammit. In addition to the obvious unpleasantness of the image itself, allow me to add my own explanatory anecdote.

I was returning from grocery shopping, and on the lookout for a particular small, local computer repair store to verify that they're still in business, for the sake of a hardware purchase planned for the near-term future, but not immediately necessary. Just below the sign that bears the name of the place is a placard stating "Entrance in Rear," which triggered a mental association I'm sure none of you needs explained to you. Well, thanks to Mae, when I do get around to entering that particular establishment the effort required to do so with a straight face will be ... a lot more than usual.

Thanks a lot, Mae.

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by maecuff In reply to TiggerTwo

I just saw your post and it made me smile. I've been in a funk all day long and this really lifted my spirits!

And I am too nice. Dammit.

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by rob mekel In reply to TiggerTwo

Wow and all this under a tag named "WINDOWS" :0 :^0


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by Tig2 In reply to rob

Yes, Rob. We're being bad again.

Christmas is 2 weeks out and everyone is bored. Or was, yesterday. I'm just playing catch up before picking up a task I couldn't get through yesterday. Writers Block. Never thought it was real until I got it. But I think I'm over it now.

The tag is correct. This thread is a "window" into the minds of the regulars of TR. I think it is wonderful. We are a bunch of creative people who can imagine and dream and think. We, my good sir, are FABULOUS!

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by rob mekel In reply to Pond Scum

actually an answer, wow

Can think of the next question: what(which) command should I give


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