RAM, how fast should I get?

By craig.barratt ·
Hi, I'm trying to upgrade my RAM, my pc is a Dell Dimension and it currently has 1 gb (2x512) DDR2 with a speed of 533 mhz, I installed 2x2gb of 6400 (800mhz) and the darn pc went b.s.o.d and wouldn't boot again, even after returning to the old RAM. One rebuild later (thanks Dell for putting an image of the original build on the HDD) and I have found that the RAM only shows 1.4 gb, no matter what order I put them in, with or without the old RAM. My question is this, Did the fast RAM cause the blue screen and subsequent need to rebuild and should I be sticking to 533 mhz? I know about installing in pairs, maximum size etc, it's just the speed issue I'd like to know about


oops, totally forgot to add the 'spec' list at the bottom, well, it was about 5:30am when I wrote it.

Dell Dimension 5150
Windows XP Home V2002 SP3
Intel Pentium 2.8ghz

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by craig.barratt In reply to D'you use some kind of re ...

give me a chance there fella! I'm getting round to all contributors ;-)

Thanks for your input, Isn't this site just awesome!

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Ignore the 'insults' - they're standard board of fayre!! ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to hey!

It's just the smelly aftershave that gets up my nose!! :^0

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RE : smelly aftershave

by OH Smeg In reply to Ignore the 'insults' - th ...

I'm at a loss here as I don't use any Aftershave. I haven't for years.

Having a full beard to help protect my face from Skin Cancer negates the need to use Aftershave. So something else must be getting up your nose or maybe you've mistaken the smell of your own aftershave. :^0

Or it just could be that I'm much NICER than you are. :0

Col ]:)

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by craig.barratt In reply to According to the Corsair ...

I guess that'll teach me to listen to PC World staff! (i don't know why I did) fortunately I didn't lose too much data as bartpe was able to assist with the retrieval of my stuff.

Ta for the advice

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You're Welcome <NT>

by OH Smeg In reply to Thanks
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It's sorted!

by craig.barratt In reply to RAM, how fast should I ge ...

Hi all, thanks for the advice, I've clicked my way to crucial and got 2x 1gb 533mhz, If I need more than that I need a new PC first haha!

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