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"Random" Drug Testing of IT Personel

By KaptKos ·
I work for a small private company (IT shop
consists of myself, analyst/programmer and 1
network administrator) in which all employees
are subjected to "random" drug/alcohol testing.

Well Weds was my birthday, and low and behold the
day after I get "Randomly" selected. I came up
positive on their B.S. strip for alcohol so they
drove me to the clinic in which I blew into the
machine and came up .000 (ZERO)

I feel that this so called "Random" was B.S.

If all persons of an organization were subjected
to this "Random" tesing, why are there some here
that tell me that they have NEVER been selected?

It's not like I'm in the military anymore, but
this is getting to the point of harrassment
because I've been "Randomly" selected 4 months in
a row now.

I need to get out of this place!!!


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and in canada

by Dr Dij In reply to this

they grow fields of ... :)

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yup, even

by Jaqui In reply to and in canada

though it is illegal to cultivate, buy or sell it.

it's not illegal to grow a plant and smoke the crop yourself.

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grow rope

by Dr Dij In reply to yup, even

I thought it was legal to grow hemp for rope. And if a few of the other variety just happened to grow among the fields, who would know?

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by Jaqui In reply to grow rope

license for the hemp for rope, seeds only from one source [ the government ] and they will inspect every single plant in the fields, if even one female plant [ the ones that will get you stoned ] is in it, they take the entire crop down and burn it, then and there.
now you are out..
1 grand per acre for licence
about 500 per acre for seeds.

no commercial hemp crop is under 160 acrea.

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by highlander718 In reply to this

they do alcohol&drug testing in the transporation/commuting business too in Canada. I worked for a bus service company, all of us (drivers or not) were sent to drug testing.

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by JamesRL In reply to &transportation

I can understand why those who monitor or maintain nuclear reactors or drive busses or work with heavy machinery need to take drug tests. Its a safety thing, and the company owes it to its employees to ensure that their fellow employees don't kill them because they are stoned(through negligence).

I don't drink much and I don't do drugs. But I can't really impact the safety of the rest of the business(or the safety of the customers/public). I'd prefer my soldiers and police officers not to be under the influence(on the job) either.

It was common 20 years ago to have a drink or two at lunch. I don't do that any more because it impacted productivity.


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Yabbut...I disagree.

by PsiFiScout In reply to Yabbut....

The job you do is not all that important when it comes to drug testing, I don't object to it because, while I drink occasionally, I do not use any illegal drugs. The effect is also less important that what using says about your character. If you are willing to violate a law against drug use, what other rules do you have no problem violating, are you stealing from the company? It is not so much a measure of how well you perform but a measure of character. As a supervisor, I would be willing to overlook the occasional hangover on the job if it did not impede performance, but hitting a positive for cocain or other illegal drugs forces me to question the honesty and trustworthyness of the employee who violates the drug law. As for the drink at lunch...a beer or two to wash down your steak or burger is not even worth mentioning, but falling asleep at ones desk after a night out pounding down a couple dozen screwdrivers is quite a different story.

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I would discuss this with HR/Owner

by faradhi In reply to "Random" Drug Testing of ...

I am rather direct. I would approach it as if I did not object and express my concerns about getting randomly tested 4 months in a row. Also, I would ask for a copy of the policies and procedures for random drug testing. That way if you are being singled out you will give them pause before testing you the fifth time because you have the policy in hand. Even in "Right to Work" states where you can fire someone for looking funny, companies cannot violate their own policies.

This is a problem with any random tests. There is always someone who is never tested and others who seem to be always tested. This is espcially true when the sample size is small. Most of the algorithums used are designed for large corporations. Most companies compenstate by writing in their policy that an employee that is selected a set number of times in a given period gets excluded.

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Random may mean

by Dr Dij In reply to I would discuss this with ...

that whoever they are suspicious of gets tested. it may not be really random. they consider themselves covered because 'random' means anyone can get tested anytime. they just decide to test only certain people for some reason.

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Your right. It could mean that.

by faradhi In reply to Random may mean

That is why I confront the situation head on and ask for policy and procedures concerning the random drug testing. That way by the end of the interaction I will know if they are gunning for me.

I would ask "Do you think I am using drugs." Just to see the reaction. Anything other then No, quickly, I would start to look for another job.

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