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"Random" Drug Testing of IT Personel

By KaptKos ·
I work for a small private company (IT shop
consists of myself, analyst/programmer and 1
network administrator) in which all employees
are subjected to "random" drug/alcohol testing.

Well Weds was my birthday, and low and behold the
day after I get "Randomly" selected. I came up
positive on their B.S. strip for alcohol so they
drove me to the clinic in which I blew into the
machine and came up .000 (ZERO)

I feel that this so called "Random" was B.S.

If all persons of an organization were subjected
to this "Random" tesing, why are there some here
that tell me that they have NEVER been selected?

It's not like I'm in the military anymore, but
this is getting to the point of harrassment
because I've been "Randomly" selected 4 months in
a row now.

I need to get out of this place!!!


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random unconstitutional

by jodym In reply to "Random" Drug Testing of ...

Random drug testing is considered unconstitutional in the Federal Prison system. They test when you begin work but not after that. In the State Prison's in Colorado they drug test randomly and frequently. They have begun to fire those who get DUI's as well. Yes, we're owned by our employers.

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And how much is this costing them...?

by Leee In reply to random unconstitutional

Drug tests aren't cheap - that's why they're usually only administered AFTER a person is offered a job, with employment "pending results."

If they're such a small company, I'd think they were watching their bottom line very closely, and spend money on drug testing only when there was serious reason to believe it was needed. Being chosen so often over others does sound awful strange to me. To **** it all on one person makes it sound like they're trying to catch you doing SOMEthing, figuring that if they test you enough they'll get you one of those times.

See how long before they start cutting corners elsewhere.

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makes sense

by Dr Dij In reply to random unconstitutional

why should prison guards be allowed to break the law and keep their jobs? do you think they should keep them if they DUI? how about if they molest children or smuggle drugs to prisoners?

some large% of prison guards are involved in smuggling contraband and drugs to prisoners. chances are it is the ones who test positive also.

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I'd quit

by gary In reply to "Random" Drug Testing of ...

and then sue them for infriging my right to privacy.

I'd also insist they provide a written report as to why I singled out in this 'random' testing.

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Slippery Slope

by rss technologies In reply to "Random" Drug Testing of ...

I would have to concur that you are being targeted at your workplace, not only because you were ?randomly? selected for testing the past four consecutive months but consider the fact you were tested the day following your birthday. This is no coincidence. You would be wise to heed the advice posted by ?faradhi?. Confront management and indicate your concerns (in a professional and none confrontational manner). Ask management to verbally explain their drug testing procedures, policies and the ?random? process. Get written copies of your company?s policies and review the contents, if you find discrepancies with your situation and the company policies bring them to the attention of management. You may want to contact your state Labor Bureau, explain your situation and determine if your company is operating within the current laws. Also, it may be wise for you to keep written documentation of all these events and any others you may deem pertinent.

One thing I find disturbing, and it may be a violation of your companies policy, is that you state they tested your sample immediately using a ?strip?. Who tested it? Was the tester qualified or certified? Is that required? Is it legal? In any event, welcome to the new face of indentured servitude. Out of ignorance, apathy or fear we have allowed ourselves to venture down this slippery slope.

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Depends on where you are

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to "Random" Drug Testing of ...

Heavy industry this sort of thing is necesary, in fact there they make no pretense of randomness. If you look a bit worse for wear your handing out samples of bodily fluids like there's no tomorrow.

In your place I'd be asking management what exactly the problem is, four times in row means 'random' is complete twaddle. Given you keep passing they are walking into a potential constructive dismissal claim. One thing you should do is make sure all the tests you have passed are documented, and your objection to being chosen randomly four times in a row is also.

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Annual Randoms

by antuck In reply to "Random" Drug Testing of ...

I worked for a trucking company and every year I was selected for the "yearly random" I had mentioned something about it to the owner and was told that they use a formula and I just so happen to be picked every year. One year the DOT came in to audit and when they looked at the names on the random drug test mine always came up. They wrote a violation to the company for selecting one driver all the time. The company was told that even if they had this formula, the manager should have noticed only one employee was being selected.

I did have an argument with this manager once and knew the reason for my yearly selection. I left the company but I did get a good laugh after I found out about the violation.

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You need to get out of that place!!!

by THX-1138 In reply to "Random" Drug Testing of ...

Drug testing, random or not, is just plain wrong. There has never been drug testing at any place I've ever worked. I wouldn't work at at company that does it. The kicker is that I don't even drink or do drugs (and never) will but I still won't work for a company that does drug testing.

It is a sign that they hire from the bottom of the barrel and don't trust their employees (or themselves to measure productivity or accidents). Distrust creates a culture of "us against them" thus increasing the problem. Bad management practices.

It is much better to work for a company that you can *be a part of* and *belong to* instead.

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Find a different employer--you're being abused

by CMB from Omaha In reply to "Random" Drug Testing of ...

For a job affecting public safety, I suppose drug testing is a necessary evil. But the nanosecond I got out of the military, I promised myself I would never be subjected to that intrusive, degrading, dehumanizing, and in my view, unconstitutional practice again. Now I'm reading about employers who are "cigarette-testing". What's next? Checking overweight workers for donut breath??? As for me, I don't smoke, don't "drug", and rarely drink alcohol. But any employer wanting to test me for ANYTHING without probable cause will have to test my cold, dead body!

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That's what employer wants

by Dr Dij In reply to Find a different employer ...

that's what they're trying to do by harassing him with these tests. either find traces or tick him off into quitting. someone has it out for him for some reason, possibly something as stupid as his looks: haircut, clothes, tattoo, tongue stud, attitude or other expression of individuality.

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