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"Random" Drug Testing of IT Personel

By KaptKos ·
I work for a small private company (IT shop
consists of myself, analyst/programmer and 1
network administrator) in which all employees
are subjected to "random" drug/alcohol testing.

Well Weds was my birthday, and low and behold the
day after I get "Randomly" selected. I came up
positive on their B.S. strip for alcohol so they
drove me to the clinic in which I blew into the
machine and came up .000 (ZERO)

I feel that this so called "Random" was B.S.

If all persons of an organization were subjected
to this "Random" tesing, why are there some here
that tell me that they have NEVER been selected?

It's not like I'm in the military anymore, but
this is getting to the point of harrassment
because I've been "Randomly" selected 4 months in
a row now.

I need to get out of this place!!!


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If you can't quit,

by jkameleon In reply to "Random" Drug Testing of ...

try to convince coworkers to collectively eat sunflower seeds every morning. You'll ALL test positive. That should discourage further testing.

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by Dr Dij In reply to If you can't quit,

I know if you eat poppy seeds, such as a poppy seed bagel or bread with it, you'll test positive for opiates. Never heard about sunflowers. What do they make you test positive for?

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Whoops, correction!

by jkameleon In reply to Sunflowers?

It's pumpkin, not sunflower.

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