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By Deadly Ernest ·
I have been fairly inactive for the last 12 months due to housing and family matters. However, having just started checking and responding to Q&A questions I noted that I have over half my previous answers are still unrated, many from 2 years ago.

There should be a time limit placed on how long people have to rate the answers, or on how long since they accessed and replied to them. At the end of this time the points should be assigned to the people who answered by TR.

I suggest that 12 months is more than long enough, six months may be more suitable, but I will leave that to TR managers to decide.

It would take to long for TR staff read the queastion and answers and assign points, they have better things to do. I suggest that a more suitable response would be have the points evenly apportioned between those who answered. This could be done by the use of a script that counted the number of answers and then divided that into the number of points and deduct the points from the questioners account; if the number is uneven then the assigned amount can be rounded up to the next full point and the extra points deducted. Another script could be used to provide have this done automatically each week.

Example of point assigment system - 1,000 points for question; 10 answers - each get 100 points. 1,000 points for question; 7 answers - each get 143 points and 1,001 points get deducted (143 x 7).

Please feel free to comment or improve.

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Oh I don't know

by jck In reply to IF you get the chance

When I was standing up in the Galtee Mountains in south Ireland and looking over the Glen of Aherlow...I was pretty tempted to come back, sell all my stuff, and go to Ireland with about $25k and try to start a new life there.

I'm still pondering it. If my house goes up another $10k-20k in the next year...and I come back from Ireland not wanting to have left again...I might just consider selling out, taking $35-45k with me...and staying for whatever the maximum is without a visa and then coming back if I don't find work and someone to sponsor my work visa.

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by Oz_Media In reply to IF you get the chance

Couldn't get much closer then that.

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well if I end up meeting Ms Right over there

by jck In reply to IF you get the chance

there's no question to where I'd be living. Plus, I wouldn't mind workin as a janitor even to get in the door somewhere and move up. I'm not too proud to work for what I get.

But, I loved Ireland. Didn't want to leave.

Oh well...s*** happens...I'm back now.

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Working in Ireland

by Cactus Pete In reply to IF you get the chance

They are hiring IT folk like you wouldn't believe... Several large IT shops are using Ireland [because of low busienss taxes] as their European HQ.

However, if you really just want a view all the time... Buy a home and have the Government help you restore it as a Bed & Breakfast. They will pay for it, honest! You just have to run it [profitably] for two years or something [might be longer, I don't recall].

I keep getting offers to invest in such things... And I'm rather tempted.

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nah man

by jck In reply to IF you get the chance

I don't want just the's the whole country...the people...the history...the attitude.

Myself and a co-worker (who lived in Britain and whose wife is from there as well) were talking yesterday about the differences in social attitudes, behaviour, etc. It's not day and night, but the way people take humour and what they take offense to are quite a bit different.

Anyways...I applied for 2 different positions with a company which I was totally qualified for...had every bit of experience they wanted. I got no reply on either one of them. So, I guess they don't need people that bad...even in a smaller city.

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England's Holiday Spot

by BFilmFan In reply to IF you get the chance

I thought that was Spain or Portugal!

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If you have the money

by Oz_Media In reply to IF you get the chance

Isle of Wight was the festival in 69 that was themed just like Wooodstock, I am sure you know it well.

Royal Yacht races, The Needles, it's just a tourist stop, nothing much off season at all actually. It's kinda like a cross between Brighton Beach and Blackpool.

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Frequent flier miles

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to I think

Perhaps we can convince TR to reward our correct answers with frequent flier miles.

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Worse still

by Oz_Media In reply to Works for me

They get 1000 point for closing a question!

And I do believe you NEED the points up front in order to offer them.

You know hos it goes though, peoplesign up JUST to post a problem, forget they even posted here and find it somewhere else. Meanwhile we do web searches and provide links to responses for nothing.

Oh well,for the 3 in 10 that are sincere it works for me. When I have questions, TR has been an inavaluable resource, it's THEIR loss if they don't stick around, not mine really.

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Start to look at the posters

by jdclyde In reply to Works for me

to see if they have a long history of not rating questions, and if they do then don't give them any answers (at least not valid ones).

We even had a worm of the week posting were we made fun of some of them.

Things do come up, which I can vouch for. I have a post that I will not be able to get back to for at least another two weeks and it has been a month since I looked at it.

It is more the courtesy of acknowledging the answer and poster that resolved whatever the issue was.

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