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By Deadly Ernest ·
I have been fairly inactive for the last 12 months due to housing and family matters. However, having just started checking and responding to Q&A questions I noted that I have over half my previous answers are still unrated, many from 2 years ago.

There should be a time limit placed on how long people have to rate the answers, or on how long since they accessed and replied to them. At the end of this time the points should be assigned to the people who answered by TR.

I suggest that 12 months is more than long enough, six months may be more suitable, but I will leave that to TR managers to decide.

It would take to long for TR staff read the queastion and answers and assign points, they have better things to do. I suggest that a more suitable response would be have the points evenly apportioned between those who answered. This could be done by the use of a script that counted the number of answers and then divided that into the number of points and deduct the points from the questioners account; if the number is uneven then the assigned amount can be rounded up to the next full point and the extra points deducted. Another script could be used to provide have this done automatically each week.

Example of point assigment system - 1,000 points for question; 10 answers - each get 100 points. 1,000 points for question; 7 answers - each get 143 points and 1,001 points get deducted (143 x 7).

Please feel free to comment or improve.

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Rating questions

by j.lupo In reply to Start to look at the post ...

I have not been very active on TR though I do read through discussions and Q&A because there is so much good information hidden within some of the very long threads (there appears a tendency for some threads to go off topic).

At any rate, I am not that familiar with the rating concept here at TR. When ever I respond to a discussion or Q&A I do look for a spot that would allow me to rate the discussion or the question, but I haven't seen anything. I have rated some of the articles I have read.

I think as I participate more, I will get more used to how to use the features here at TR. So, I guess some of the not ratings COULD be just not knowing how to do it. At least in my case I do look for something that would allow me to rate a question, answer, discussion, article, etc. If I see it, I use it, if not. . .

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This is different

by jdclyde In reply to Rating questions

If you open a Question and Answer, you offer points in exchange for an answer.

People will submit answers that either work or don't work.

You as the person with the open Q&A should then be rating each answer as they are provided as accepted or denied. This lets people know if their solution worked in your case.

When you have your solution, you should then close the Q&A and rate ALL answers given. This will then split the offered points to all the accepted contributors.

Some will not bother to rate the answers which is the equivilant to not saying thank you when someone does you a big favor. You are less prone to get help again if your an ingrate.

That is what this is about.

The rating of the article is a ego boost for the writer (and to let other TR members know if the article is worth reading or not).

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Thanks jdclyde

by j.lupo In reply to This is different

Thank you. I appreciate the information. I will keep watching and attempt to do as you have described. Experience is sometimes the best teacher after you get the policy. :)

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We're there for you

by jdclyde In reply to Thanks jdclyde

And some of the stuff probably should be spelled out in an initial e-mail when you make your account.

Here are the features and the protocol to follow for each.

A new person coming in would really have to wonder what we are ranting and raving about sometimes. (I STILL wonder sometimes!)

Edited to add

I take that back. Member sence ** doesn't exactly qualify you as a new member.

Just remember you had an account here?

Welcome back anyways.

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jdclyde - Member?

by j.lupo In reply to Thanks jdclyde

Yes, I am not a new member. Don't know what came up on my profile, but my membership has been since 2001. :) :) I have been working on a degree and lurking around reading. I don't generally post because I have had too much to learn before I felt I might contribute something valid.

My style is to learn about the community by reading and watching and learning what the community wants from its membership. So, I appreciate all feedback.

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Your post was the right approach

by jdclyde In reply to Thanks jdclyde

You learn by ASKING, and listening.

Most of the idiots that would flame what they feel is an "obvious" question don't stay around long enough for them to matter.

It does show in your profile as **, I just didn't look at it until after my post. Just assumed, and you know where that gets you.

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Oh WOW - another strange one . . .

by j.lupo In reply to Thanks jdclyde

jdclyde looks at my profile and sees ** as my membership. I look at it and it shows October 2001, which is when I discovered tech republic. That is interesting. Wonder if it is linking correctly to my profile??

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No, just fat fingered it

by jdclyde In reply to Thanks jdclyde

After all, the zero and the nine are right next to each other.

01 it is.


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Sounds fair enough.

by Jessie In reply to To beat the deceased equi ...

Personally, I think if you don't close your own question, a certain amount of points (let's say 500) should be deducted from your account in addition to the point count of the original question.

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I always thought

by Oz_Media In reply to Sounds fair enough.

That i fyou haven't respnded to a request to close your question after the first 90 days, your points should automatically be distributed between ALL answers right or wrong. Then you just need to flag it as unresolved so that other people aren't mislead by incorrect replies.

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