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By Deadly Ernest ·
I have been fairly inactive for the last 12 months due to housing and family matters. However, having just started checking and responding to Q&A questions I noted that I have over half my previous answers are still unrated, many from 2 years ago.

There should be a time limit placed on how long people have to rate the answers, or on how long since they accessed and replied to them. At the end of this time the points should be assigned to the people who answered by TR.

I suggest that 12 months is more than long enough, six months may be more suitable, but I will leave that to TR managers to decide.

It would take to long for TR staff read the queastion and answers and assign points, they have better things to do. I suggest that a more suitable response would be have the points evenly apportioned between those who answered. This could be done by the use of a script that counted the number of answers and then divided that into the number of points and deduct the points from the questioners account; if the number is uneven then the assigned amount can be rounded up to the next full point and the extra points deducted. Another script could be used to provide have this done automatically each week.

Example of point assigment system - 1,000 points for question; 10 answers - each get 100 points. 1,000 points for question; 7 answers - each get 143 points and 1,001 points get deducted (143 x 7).

Please feel free to comment or improve.

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it happens already

by Jaqui In reply to To beat the deceased equi ...

just not sure what time schedule.
there were a number of questions I answered that tr closed and awarded the points to all who answered.

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by Oz_Media In reply to it happens already

Been here 4 or 5 yars and haven't seen that yet, have recommended it a hundred times but never seen the points automatically doled out. Even if the question IS closed after a period of time.

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if the list

by Jaqui In reply to Wow

of questions in my profile was long enough, then you could go back to 1999 / 2000 questions and see where tr closed due to inactivity and awarded points.

( that 20 most recent is useless when the activity level is higher isn't it. )

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hey jaqui

by jck In reply to it happens already

did you get the measley points from my first question?

had to make sure..I don't wanna be a slacker

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by Jaqui In reply to hey jaqui

it's not the amount of points though, it's the principal of the system itself.
I don't even look at how many points are being offered, I just read the question, then go on if I can't answer, or if it's already answered.

almost 15,000 points, yet have no real need of them... at this time.

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by Oz_Media In reply to yup.

Yeah I did that before. I used up a trouble ticket with Novell waited for a few days, did some testing and offered a concise reply for a seemingly sincere poster.

He/She never rated it and when I went back to check it, 4 points were being offered! LOL

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by Jaqui In reply to LOL

ain't used my own support programs to answer, but have used google to get the answers.

never look at the points, unless my point level jumps up significantly.

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I didn't know we could still even VIEW our point levels.

by Oz_Media In reply to well,

They used to be available but I have no idea what mine are now. I was well over 80K at one time so I was watching to see when I'd get a new 100K icon, but have no idea now.

You got a link or something?

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my account

by Jaqui In reply to well,

top right corner of the page.
then, after signing in, scroll to bottom.

I'm at 15507 points now.

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Yeah, I stumbled upon mine recently while trying to find the links ...

by deepsand In reply to well,

to my subscriptions & the Peer Directory.

Just one more flaw turned feature.

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