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By Deadly Ernest ·
I have been fairly inactive for the last 12 months due to housing and family matters. However, having just started checking and responding to Q&A questions I noted that I have over half my previous answers are still unrated, many from 2 years ago.

There should be a time limit placed on how long people have to rate the answers, or on how long since they accessed and replied to them. At the end of this time the points should be assigned to the people who answered by TR.

I suggest that 12 months is more than long enough, six months may be more suitable, but I will leave that to TR managers to decide.

It would take to long for TR staff read the queastion and answers and assign points, they have better things to do. I suggest that a more suitable response would be have the points evenly apportioned between those who answered. This could be done by the use of a script that counted the number of answers and then divided that into the number of points and deduct the points from the questioners account; if the number is uneven then the assigned amount can be rounded up to the next full point and the extra points deducted. Another script could be used to provide have this done automatically each week.

Example of point assigment system - 1,000 points for question; 10 answers - each get 100 points. 1,000 points for question; 7 answers - each get 143 points and 1,001 points get deducted (143 x 7).

Please feel free to comment or improve.

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Haven't been able to log in through my account in years

by Oz_Media In reply to well,

Even after using the password link to get a new password and entering it, it says password invalid.

Had that problem for several years now.
EDIT: well it took a few ties thois time but actually worked.

80542 or something like that, thought I was gettign closer than that, oh well, whatever.

THX for the NFO

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Jaqui - Finding the points

by j.lupo In reply to well,

Thanks for the tip. I never did know where to look for those points. Now I can really keep track of my own activity. <VBG>

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Points may be retired

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to Rating Q & A answers

As we've said in previous posts, fixing Tech Q&A is one of our big, longterm projects, but the undertaking is so serious that it will be a while.

In the meantime, we need to know now if our notion of how to fix Tech Q&A sounds workable. We'd like to have a clear, clean idea that we can implement quickly once we get a window of opportunity. Here's what we've been mulling over since March:

1) A post-submission single form for both Discussions and Q&A, with a choice of Tech Q&A or Discussions as your destination, and a description of the difference. Regardless of where you start, you'll get this unified form, which will encourage users to post tech questions in Q&A, rather than the Discussion Forum.

2) We abandon TechPoints (maybe including a "retirement party" with major recognition and special badges for old school high scorers). Instead, we we monitor ratings/closings/responses from those who ask questions, and factor good/bad behavior into their meter and badges. Never close a question? You'll be stamped as a "taker" and everyone will know it. Oz will be able to retire his Red Flag tag.

3) We limit the number of open questions you can have at one time. Have too many open, unrated questions? Well, you can't start another one until you've closed an old one. Close an old one without rating/responding, and your meter will suffer.

4) We surface questions on your signature. That little box with your rating meter that follows you around? We add a "Help this user" link that takes you to that person's open questions. If somebody helps you, you now have a quick and easy way of returning the favor. We may even give extra meter bumps to people who answers questions through this link path.

There, that's the current plan. Now can somebody tell us if it will work?


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C;mon Jay

by Oz_Media In reply to Points may be retired

Own up to it.

Serious matter?

What's serious is CNet wants new hooks to get more people to the site and view more ads, more people = more advertising sales = more ad impressions= more advertising sales= ....

Tech Q&A benefits members but site draws such as a 'community feel' are far more important.

Again, more members = more money from advertisers.

Sorry for sounding skeptical, but seriously, this is about money, ther's no other reason for a company to invest time and money in it's site.

Once the draw is there, Tech Q&A (member retention) improvements will be 'allowed' to follow, you guys do a phenominal job here, don't get me wrong but I think everyone knows that revenue is job number one. Visitors - revenue, community = revenue, Tech Q&A is just a member service, not really a draw.

Also why I thnk they are finally allowing some goodies now, the revenue stream increases, the ads and sponsors increas and thus do the freebees. Again it's a draw.

Not trying to sound unappreciative for your work and participation with members, I really like to be able to 'discuss' issues with the designers and your proactive approach hasn't gone unnoticed, just a bit of a reality check though. :)

Call me skeptical, everyone else does.

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by Cactus Pete In reply to Points may be retired

I'm interested in this sort of a set up. I have been mostly out of Q&A for some months now. Even my discussion participation needs to heal a little after the politics bashing we all did last year. [Perhaps a sub-misc group for flames, politics, or other hot topics...]

I suspect that if I were to receive feedback for my efforts, I might participate more.

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Re: Points retired

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to Points may be retired

This sounds like a major step in the right direction. Perhaps you could attach a graphic of someone getting a wedgie to those with too many open questions.

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Wouldn't that be false advertisement?

by ippirate In reply to Points may be retired

If the points were supposed to have been awarded with some degree of value and then no items of specific application having been made, would that not have been false advertisement? Further, wouldn't it deliver a big fat "]///> U" to those individuals with points and especially those that have been promised on more than one occassion the coming opportunity to use said points for actively participating and contributing in no small way to the success of TR? IMESHO I don't think that TR should retire the points as much as actually make good on what was promised originally. I like the idea that you present above but I would prefer it be done in tandem so that we can all see who you are and what you are about before taking the time to answer the question just to discover that the questioner is just a blood sucking leach. It may not do much to stop one time takers but it should do wonders for the repeat offenders. Maybe even get it to the point were we could all partake in one gigantic tar and feather party for those that fall into the latter catagory.
Jay, if TR is really interested in changing for the better, my suggestion would be to take it one item at a time. If you want our opinions, honestly, we'll be more than happy to give them, most of us are an opinionated bunch anyway, just ask Oz, max, Protius, neil, dawg, HAL, maecuff, etc. Although it may be difficult to get their input initially, they, if grudgingly only, will be honest in their view, regardless of how limited in breadth they may be for disdain for sharing them publicly. Address the first item, set your position and move onto the next item.
In the event that TR really doesn't give two hoots and would prefer to just do the "do their own thing, thing" then quit asking and just do it. No sense in attempting to hedge a bet with feigned attempts at courtesy to the gen pop.
In either case, choose a path and stay the course, to the latter, if you ask for the opinions of all, remember, we are all in the business of making things work better, even TR, and we do appreciate it, if from time to time, people actually take our opinion seriously previous to the raging inferno.
Now that I have completely looped of target, thanks.


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Please don't bring me into it

by Oz_Media In reply to Wouldn't that be false ad ...

I prefer to just sit back and watch quietly from a distance. It's not in my nature to speak out like that.

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And that is one thing I've always admired about you Oz

by ippirate In reply to Please don't bring me int ...

The nearly idealistic manner in which you participate in our forums. It is always inspiring to read your posts once a response is extracted with no small amount of effort on the part of the inquirer. Inspiring and at once, shamefully disheartening for the overwhelmingly apparent amount of barbaric tactics that are oft employed to rend your deepest thoughts from you.

Aye! :)

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by Oz_Media In reply to And that is one thing I'v ...

Yeah, what SHE said.

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