re formatted drive cannot be seen

By gjb ·
My system has 2 physical hdd C: and I: both NTFS XP Pro (SP3)
I re-formatted drive I: ( format i:) but now although C: works ok drive I: cannot be seen by the system.
Its a long time since I formatted a hdd and I probably forgot to enter a partion but if the drive cannot now be seen whats the best way of proceeding - thanks Gee

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Not allocated drive letter.

by Bizzo In reply to re formatted drive cannot ...

It may just be that the drive hasn't been allocated a drive letter.

Right click "My Computer", select "Manage"

In the management windows, you should see "Disk Management" on the left, click that, and on the right will be your drives.
If you have only 2 drives, then your "I" drive should be there as "Disk 1"

Right click the drive, select "Change Drive letter...", and you should be able to add "I" to it.

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HDD cannot be seen

by gjb In reply to Not allocated drive lette ...

Thnaks for your speedy reply.
The reformatted drive alreday shows correctly as I: but the problem seems to be that the two drives are contiguous because when viewed as you suggested they both have the same makers name but the size shown is the two drives added together but only one name i.e Maxtor is showing.

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by toughguy000 In reply to HDD cannot be seen

If its a sata check to see if you have them pluged into your motherboard in the correct spots. Some motherboards have 2 spots for sata connections, one for RAID and one for single drive operation.

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Reformatted hdd cannot be seen

by gjb In reply to SATA? IDE?

I only re-formatted drive I: (India) and never physically moved it so I dont think your comment applies to my problem - but thanks anyway.

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What exactly did you do when you were formatting

by Jacky Howe In reply to HDD cannot be seen

How To Convert to Basic and Dynamic Disks in Windows XP Professional

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Re-formatted hdd cannot be seen

by gjb In reply to What exactly did you do w ...

On the command line I typed <Format I:> and the drive was then re-formatted.
The primary Master drive is a Maxtor shown correctly in the BIOS as C: the primary slave is blank and the secondary master is shown as the CD Drive.
Although both drives can be seen, one as C: and one as I: the system appears to be seeing one contiguous drive.
Drive C: has a partition but drive I: does not have one.
The BIOS setup only shows C: and searching for another hard drive does not find one.

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Lets see if I understand this correctly

by OH Smeg In reply to HDD cannot be seen

Both drives show in Drive Management but when you look at them they show as 1 Drive in My Computer with a total of the space of both drives added together. Is that correct?

If it is you have created a RAID Array where the drives are striped so they show as 1 drive but with the capacity of both added together so I have to ask exactly how did you format the second drive and what switches did you use?


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re-formatted hdd cannot be seen

by gjb In reply to Lets see if I understand ...

In Drive management the two drives appear side by side as C: and I: but the total of C: is the two drives added together so your presumption that they may be striped could be correct.
The I: drive was formatted from the command line with Format I:
Drive C: has a partition but drive I: does not. I could add a partition to I: but am reluctatnt to do so until I get some advice.

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If the size is reported correctly here

by OH Smeg In reply to re-formatted hdd cannot b ...

I would be reluctant to suggest doing anything at all without a solid working Backup in place.

If you have a working up to date Backup you can try and the worst that can happen is that you need to reload the system again.

Normally this wouldn't create any form of RAID Array using the CLI that way but depending on other installed software and depending on your hardware I wouldn't like to say defiantly one way or the other here. Basically if the Drive Capacity is correct for both Drives I would leave them alone till I was certain that I had a Backup of Everything unencrypted and readable on a different system. I wouldn't even trust a Backup done with any Backup Software I would want Plain Data Files that I could read with any system before I went any further.

But as a check here if the system is performing read & Writes to the HDD faster you have a Stripped Array in action so attempting to format anything will prove detrimental to this install. That is if Windows will even let you do it.

Using the CLI like this isn't recommended as with a Blank HDD there is no letter present so the Format Command can do anything most of which isn't good. You should always go into Drive Management to Format a newly added HDD.


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Reformatted hdd cannot be seen

by gjb In reply to If the size is reported c ...

The weird, and so far unresolved problem is that it ws not a newly added hdd that I reformatted but an existing one so therefore no jumpers or cables were touched.
Windows offers to let me add a parttion to the drive which I have hesitated to do as I'm not sure what would happen.

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