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RE: Seriously...? and RE: This is an old argument

By dcolbert Contributor ·
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State level *is* unlikely in this case...

by dcolbert Contributor In reply to Not just terrorists.

Because the weapon will not discriminate between friendly and enemy targets once it is in the wild.

There are a few nations ruled by cults of personality or theocratic whack-jobs where this could conceivably be something they would welcome - but you would think that saner heads in their government and military organizations would prevail.

But that doesn't mean that there aren't organizations with access to significant resources who might not attempt this and succeed. I don't think the plot needs to be as complex as Ansu suggests in his post, "not very dangerous, really" - above. You don't have to have relays. You get 15 single men with no families and a deep ideological or religious driver to infect themselves and hop onto airplanes travelling through major world hubs with significant layovers - they walk around the airport mall, eat some Cinnabons, go to the rest room, coughing and sneezing... 4 or 5 layovers before they drop, each one potentially infecting thousands, tens of thousands at each leg of their journey, each of those infected likewise doing the same.

Let's change it up. Forget Stephen King. Watch the graphic at the end of the recent "Rise of the Planet of the Apes". But 15... 30... 300 original vectors for the disease instead of one guy from San Francisco.

Ansu has a lot of faith in the checkpoints, safeguards and competency of global society to put a leash on this. A LOT more than I do.

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I was in Toronto for SARS

by JamesRL In reply to State level *is* unlikely ...

Life does not stay static during an outbreak.

A) Health authorities clamped down. People with anything remotely similar to SARS were sent for testing, and positive results mean quarintine.

B) Airport screening wasn't totally effective, but it did slow the rate of infection and identify potential carriers.

C) When a city is marked as a plague city, as Toronto was, life changes, people minimize contact, tourists stay away etc. Again the rate slowed.

Most of the SARS deaths were in hospitals, when it killed people who already had serious medical issues. But it didn't take long for the public health system to figure out what was going wrong and respond to it.

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For the record...

by dcolbert Contributor In reply to Good point.

It doesn't help me out if you voice your vote/opinion in the off-topic, "water-cooler" discussion spawned from the original post.

But, maybe that was the intent? Not to get included in the very contentious main thread?

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to For the record...

I read the initial article before there were more than three or four posts. I didn't have an opinion at that time, so I kept my two cents in my pocket. When you opened this 'Take Offline', I revisited the original. By then it had grown to the point where I couldn't figure out where to stick my two cents. (Yeah, I know; let's not go there.) I didn't expect my reply here to garner any responses; now my hoof is stuck in this particular tar pit.

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Gotcha, sucka!

by dcolbert Contributor In reply to Frankly,

None shall escape...

I appreciate your input, in any case.

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