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Rebuilding computer

By KidContent ·
My sons have birthdays in early October, and I'd like to take the Gateway computer I'm no longer using, copy the files I need from the hard drive to another media, wipe the hard drive clean, possibly add more hard drive space, add a CD/DVD burner, upgrade to XP, etc., and give it to them for their bdays.

They will be 12 and 14, they chat with their friends online, etc., and I'm looking for any suggestions that might make this whole process easier on myself. Their bdays are in one to two weeks, so I need to move fast.

Any recommendations as to:

1. Components to consider
2. Which suppliers have the best deals
3. How easy/difficult it is to do this myself

... and so on?

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that really depends

by jck In reply to Again, won't run games fo ...

some newer motherboards with onboard have actual 3D graphics engines on them now. Even some of the good laptops have that capability.

But if the kids are going to game, I'd look for a motherboard upgrade that has no video onboard and PCI-Express/16 and get a 6600GT or X600 videocard for it. The cards are pricey ($125-$190, depending on brand), but not as high as the latest and greatest which run as much as $525 a piece and you won't have to upgrade in a year.

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Best solution for gaming

by jdclyde In reply to that really depends

is still to just buy an Xbox or PS2.

Cost you less to buy.
Don't have to worry about viruses/spyware.
Don't have to worry about the kids finding your porn.
Don't have to have the firewall/AV/Spyware software.

Hooks up to a tv you already have so it doesn't take up a big corner somewhere.

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more then just games

by antuck In reply to Best solution for gaming

I got the feeling from the poster they wanted to be able to do a lot of different things with the computer besides just play games.

Todays onboard graphics cards will play most except the Doom3 type games. But they will not be as graphical, and will be slow and jumpy. I think for what they need a low to mid range graphics cards ($50 to $125) will do the trick for now. If they want to, they can always save there money and buy the expensive card later. Although, I figure the low and mid range cards use to be the top of the line cards. I always wait for them to come down in price and become the low to mid range cards. But I'm cheap that way :)

But your points are valid for the other reasons. No viruses, garbage ware or updates to be concerned with. Oh the life.

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If you build it....

by jdmercha In reply to Rebuilding computer

Good idea, but don't build it yourself. Let your kids build it. They will learn a whole lot while doing it. Take it apart and give them the peices.

Check your local papers for computer shows. You can pick up outdated new or used equipment pretty cheap. But the bigger benifit is that you can ask questions. Depending on what you are starting with, you may have a limited selection of options.

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very good idea

by jck In reply to If you build it....

if the kids are into that.

Just don't let them think you have an open checkbook...hehehe.

My parents did that...scarred me for life...I have 6 computers in my house now!!!

Hi...I'm jck...and...I'm...a computer addict.

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What I did

by jdclyde In reply to If you build it....

Was I bought TWO barebones systems (they give you a bag of parts) and gave one to each of my boys (got twin boys).

I instructed them what to do and why, and they completely assembled, installed and configured their own PC's. This was at the ripe old age of 10.

They now do much of my home pc work under my direction and are doing pretty good. It lets them know more about computers than how to surf the web and play games.

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by Choppit In reply to If you build it....

I'd recommend starting with a motherboard bundle (Motherboard + CPU +Heatsink + RAM). These kits tend to come a little cheaper than their component parts and you don't need to worry about compatability. Buy a midrange AGP card (64 - 128MB) , a 40GB+ HDD and a good quality case.

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