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recommend backup for 50-100 GB of storage

By jsfald ·
I have had bad luck with tape drives so I am looking for other hardware to use for backing up 50-100 GB of storage daily.

What have you used successfully and consistently (more than three months) or what do you recommend I use that is more reliable than a tape drive?

If you want more history and details you can keep reading. We are on our second Dell backup tape drive. It works pretty good for 3-4 months than it starts to have drive errors. No system changes happen during this time so I think it is just cheap and unreliable hardware. We are using Veritas 8.6 for the backup software.

One employee will take the latest tape back up home with them for the usually reasons. So hopefully the new solution will also have a way to keep a back up off site.

I have thought about an Iomega solution and an external hard drive solution, but I don't know if multiple external hard drives are pratical.

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We use a disk space storage solution

by Tom Glahe In reply to recommend backup for 50-1 ...

The company I work for has had several terrible experiences with tape backup that I was able to convince them to buy a couple of Axion E device from a company called Avamar. Their product is disk based and comes with a GUI interface that is similar to Varitas. We use its replication capability over a frame relay to give us the off-site data protection for desaster recovery. We have two terrabytes of data to backup each night as well as the C drives on about 10 users machines when they are logged into our network.

Don't know what your IT budget is for a backup solution, but a disk space storage solution relieves you from the fear of a bad tape backup and gives you a very quick and easy way to restore data.

Just some of my thoughts.

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Back up

by tom In reply to recommend backup for 50-1 ...

We had the same issues with all sort of Backups. We actually got tired of Tape failures, Drive failures etc. We invested in a company called StorNet. They are an online backup company. If for some reason our backup does not come through because we shut a server down etc. One of their Techs will actually call us! Now that service.

This also kills to bird with one stone Back ups and Disaster Recovery.

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by mrbriancollins In reply to recommend backup for 50-1 ...

what about VTL ? Virtual Tape Library's are in essence a SATA array with a tape solution attached to the back of that:


The VTL takes care of backups, and since it is disk to disk, it is faster and you get no media write errors or failures. After that the data stays on the disks until it expires or needs to be stored offsight it will write to the Library. This way your backup window extends and your Library can run 24x7....

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At my radio station

by Radio-Active In reply to recommend backup for 50-1 ...

*everything* is on PCs. Commercials, music, all my show prep and my karaoke files. Our PCs use HD that range in sizes between 3GB and 40GB. We backup our files using external HD cases and 40GB HDs via a USB 2 port. When we make large changes to our music, I copy everything to another PC and then do the USB backup. Its cheap, easy and fast. Its also saved our business more than once. Best of Luck! Dave

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Use removable Fire Wire disks- SystemV

by malcolm.mccowan In reply to recommend backup for 50-1 ...

We use a simple Celeron server fitted with mirrored removable 250 GB Firewire disks and software supplied by a company called System 5.
Backup is performed to disk at night. Only new and changed files are added - nothing is overwritten so recovery can be from any date/time. Can even re-boot a failed machine across the network, as everything is backed up. It uses 2:1 compression, so lots of history can be retained. We use three pairs of disks as we have large CAD data models as well as standard stuff.
Disks are removed for off-site storage. An older disk is re-inserted and quickly refreshed during the day while the backup system is not used.
File recovery means just using a menu, and disk to disk copy - all in a few minutes, rather than hours. It is inexpensive.
This is free plug for a genuine small company with offices in USA, Australia, South Africa. Get in now before he sells to some big outfit that will charge megabucks for it.
Refer to the web site at

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Quantum Tape Drive

by Wally Bahny In reply to recommend backup for 50-1 ...

We have used a Quantum SDLT tape library for over three years and a Quantum SDLT tape drive for over a year at two of our locations and have never had a problem. A good part of the problem may lie in the type of tape you are using. Be weary of the DAT tapes. We used them for a while at one of our locations and had all sorts of problems. We finally got sick of it and gave them an used HP DLT III drive that we had used for umpteen years without problems and they've been going strong ever since.

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