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    Recommended Sata Controller?


    by newjughead ·

    Good day, can anyone recommend a 4 port Pci-e sata 2/3 controller card that is affordable and will work with Dvd-rw drives and 2tb HDD? Thanks for your time.

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      by newjughead ·

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      Limited Information

      by thechas ·

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      Well, the cards I looked at did not specify that they could not be used with optical drives. But, neither did they specify that they work with optical drives.

      As most of the plug-in SATA cards are designed for use in setting up RAID arrays, they would not be tested with optical drives.

      The only 4 port SATA card I found that might work is the High Point Rocket 640. This will work best in a 4X PCIe slot.

      Most of the other 4 port cards that I did find are designed for a server application and may only support hard drives.


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