Recover Deleted WinXp User Account.

By rebelleader ·
I was rushing around yeterday and accidentally deleted a WindowsXp user and their accompanying Data. Is there any way to recover the lost Account and Data?

System restore is not an option as it was not turned on.

Any help is appreciated.

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I too just deleted a windows xp account

by daniel.grippo In reply to Recover Deleted WinXp Use ...

I deleted an account and didnt' realize the ms outlook PST file was part of that account. I need to restore the PST file, don't care about any of the other files. How do I do it? Undelete software? System restore seemed to bring the account back, but not any of the files. Need help please!!!!!
Thank you.

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Anumber of ways but

by Jesus_C In reply to Recover Deleted WinXp Use ...

depends on their relevance to your organisation.
Reload the profile off the server
Restore back-ups created(i assume you back up)
A ghosting software you might have used.
Otherwise your screwed

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No backup - still screwed?

by daniel.grippo In reply to Anumber of ways but

This is a home computer - no server. Just multiple users on one computer with Windows XP base. Deleted one account, need to recover the PST file. Will WinUndelete software find the lost PST electrons???

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There are recovery programs

by XT John In reply to No backup - still screwed ...

available, that may get back some of your files. These are typically third party programs that are downloadable from the internet. Many are crippled, htat is, they'll let you try it before you buy it, but you'll be limited by how much you can recover. This actually is a good thing, you can scan the drive, see what's restorable, and then decide if you want to purchase the software. I've found that most of the free restore programs are very limited on an NTFS drive of what they can restore. Here's a site that lists some shareware:

I've tried the undelete features from the ultimate boot cd for windows xp, again, it can do the basics, but couldn't recover an outlook address book. Good luck! all is not lost, yet!

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Great info!

by daniel.grippo In reply to There are recovery progra ...

Thanks for the gouge! I looked at the software and it gets great reviews so I think I'll try it for $49. My concern though is everyone's reviews dealt with recovering individual files (ppt, doc, xls, jpg, pdf, etc) - but how will it work for a PST email file which is lots of data...even if I don't get it all, I'd be happy with getting most of the address book and email file folders I've created for my wife's account.
Any advice with the PST file recovery?
In any event - wish me luck!!

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by rkuhn In reply to Great info!

I've always had decent luck with "PC Inspector File Recovery".

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Freeware versus paid for...

by UplinkSpider In reply to Try

I just looked up PC Inspector File Recovery and found it to be freeware, have you found any limitations in using PC Inspector File Recovery versus some of the paid products? I know we're not to endorse a product but I too am in a pinch find a product that's effective.

Thanks in advance.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to Recover Deleted WinXp Use ...

might be lucky if you use PC Inspector File Recovery as a couple of posters have already mentioned. There are two versions to use version 3 and 4.

Do Not run them on the PC that you want to retrieve the data from.

The Hard Drive will have to be set as a Slave in another PC. Then you can run the software.

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