Recovering information from a Laptop Hard Drive?

By TehChodja ·
I have a very, very expensive paper weight that killed me when it died a handful of years back. I've always wanted to recover the information from the hard drive.

The only problem is, it was a gaming laptop and the hard drive setup was a RAID-0, which I'm sure was a hardware RAID. I don't have another laptop that supports this on-hand.

Is there a way that I can recover this info? Is there an external enclosure that I might be able to get that will do this? I wouldn't mind keeping the hard drive around for further use after I recover the information.

If I put each hard drive into separate enclosures, will that work if I set them up as a RAID 0?

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If... Then...

by dawgit In reply to Lol.

If both are connected to the same IDE connection. then it's not likely to be a Hardware RAID, but a Software RAID. 'Normally' a Hardware RAID set-up will use separate connectors. (2 IDE plugs, 1 for each)
If the drives are connected together you should be able to connect them that way in another computer.

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I think...

by TehChodja In reply to If... Then...

I think that's exactly what I'm going to try and do... I have some spare parts lying around that I can throw together to make a project PC. Although, looking through my drivers the other day on my Desktop computer, it has AMD Raid software/drivers, so I may just use that.

I'm crossing my fingers, and I'll get back to you on what happens.

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