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Red Alert !! Red Alert !!

By stargazerr ·
Looks Like Underage is back ... He is Masquerading under the username donkey@ ...

Jay, Smorty ... before all **** breaks loose ... please get him out of here

Proof??? Check this link out


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by jdclyde In reply to on topic

I have said it for years. I am perfectly normal. It is everyone else that is friggen nuts! B-) At least that is what the voices say.....

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Jacqui What makes you think no ones complained?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to NZJ,

I do it about you all the time and Beth in her calf length Black Leather high heals, Black Leather Dominatrix suit and whip is constantly checking out your postings just waiting to pounce when you put so much as put a toe out of place.

Sorry I couldn't resist that one, well I could actually but it's so much fun typing it in and thinking of how Beth will react.

Pity that we can not see her face when she reads this.

Yes Beth I'm a Bad Bad Bad boy and deserve to be punished. But as your whip will not reach here you can demote me to a site rating of 666.

Col ]:)

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You will obey

by Beth Blakely In reply to Jacqui What makes you thi ...

I don't need a whip to punish you, HAL.

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Why are you defending yourself NZ?

by stargazerr In reply to How do you judge fairly?

Nobody talked about you or suggested that you should be thrown out or that you should be troll capped. If you think that your earlier posts deserve being troll capped .... well, you know where to improve and thats a start ....

And If you think that donkey's posts were not worth being revoked ..... well, you are in dire need of growing up.


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Never read donkey's posts.

by NZ_Justice In reply to Why are you defending you ...

so I have no idea of what you are talking about. I get an error page "not found" when I click on the link.

I wasn't being personal, just making an example myself.


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what thread

by rob mekel In reply to Never read donkey's posts ...

ain't you mixing the different threads?

If you are then probably it's this one:

And ... it's working; y?re a fine example of your self. :d:d:d

As am I.
I'm freaking out here.


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Sheep? Now who would do that not me!

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to How do you judge fairly?

Come on you're a New Zealander and you expect those comments all the time. I even got honored with an Honorary PHD in the Erogenous Zones of Sheep by a Pommie Peer, it took ages to clean up the mess that I made by laughing so hard that I chocked on what I was drinking at the time.

But the thread that I was disappointed about being pulled was started by the Infamous Guru of Dos GOD for short and it appears that at least one person took offense to the contents about the current Spam Problem and one particular word caused the entire discussion to just disappear. Seems that it's perfectly acceptable to extol the virtues of female chest enlargement but not the enlargement of certain male parts.

Anyway I've been called just about everything over the time I've been visiting TR and it's all water off a ducks back to me except that number 1 Site Rating as it a real pain in the rear end so many people think that all they need do is e-mail you and you'll drop everything travel half way around the world to fix a 30 second problem. I'd settle for a site rating of 666 and never give it a second thought.

Col ]:)

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Totally OFF TOPIC NZ_J But

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Sheep? Now who would do t ...

I was instructed to make up a Web Page recently by a New Zealand Citizen living in AU. I was given a basic outline to work within but was allowed a free hand on the main content. While she loved it some of the people that she sent it to took offense so I was asked to tone it down quite a lot but retain the original for those that she wanted to send it to.

The Censored one is here

I'm not going to post the RRRR one but if anyone wants to see a copy they can contact me through the Peer Mail and I'll send then the Link.

And I didn't say anything about SHEEP!

Col ]:)

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by half In reply to Totally OFF TOPIC NZ_J Bu ...

love the website, there are a heap of kiwis in aussie and that one is pretty clever

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And thats the clean version.

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to website

Unfortunately I couldn't get a clear photo of the right hand rear quarter panel her son had a Silver Fern Transfer placed there but it was just too close to the building for it to come out clearly.

Needless to say the owner of this car supports the New Zealand Womens Net Ball Team. :)

Col ]:)

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