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Red Alert !! Red Alert !!

By stargazerr ·
Looks Like Underage is back ... He is Masquerading under the username donkey@ ...

Jay, Smorty ... before all **** breaks loose ... please get him out of here

Proof??? Check this link out


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Looong Story

by stargazerr In reply to Not Sure

There was an idiot called underage who was very rude and spent most of his time annoying everyone at TR. He was thrown out and his posts revoked after everyone protested.

Then along came Donkey, who followed the same pattern.We thought, for a while that he was underage come back under another username. But as setanta explained, it was one of his colleugues wreaking havoc.

My sentiments?? THE IDIOTS.


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so tell me

by jdclyde In reply to Not Sure

is that as in "out on the streets for a living....."?

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by RizwanDean In reply to Red Alert !! Red Alert !!

Ok. I am a member of many forums and in most cases, a member who flames another user or trolls is normally kicked out of the forum and the user is banned from entering the forum again. In this case, I think having an "Ignore User" button is a lovely idea. By having such a button, TR users get to choose whether they want to read a particular users posts or not. In the case of this troll, I'd say "bring it on" baby... put the button in...

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A simple individual ignore feature is all you need

by e_caroline In reply to Red Alert !! Red Alert !!

Freaking out over so-called trolls is every bit as annoying as the trolls themselves.

I've seen this in other places... the people worried about some "horrible troll" end up being ten times as disruptive as the troll themselves.

A good case could be made that anti-trolling is a form of trolling itself given the disruptions it causes.

Simply fix it up so that a given reader can ignore the messages of a given author.

It is THAT simple. Trying to figure out what is "trolling" or not is a form of thought-policing that simply never works. There is no objective standard. It is all subjective fuzzy opinion as to what constitutes trolling.

Anti-trolling campaigns lead to the end of the usefulness of the forum or chatroom or whatever since the label of "troll" soon is used to stifle dissenting ideas or ideas differing from the accepted dogma.

A simple "ignore" feature, activated by the reader and not the administrator is the only sensible thing to do.

An aside...

Personally, I wonder if people these days have any visceral understanding of the ideals of freedom given the huge amount of effort people exert in arguing which form of police-state-type environment they are going to impose instead of resisting the police-state mentality entirely.

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Fuzzy subjectivity... examples

by e_caroline In reply to A simple individual ignor ...

In this very thread we see an enormous number of postings off topic passing along jokes and jibes of the sort you might see in a chatroom or might share via IM.

By some standards these comments would be trolling because they are off topic and make it real hard to find the comments that actually deal with the issue at hand.

By other standards this would be seen as just some harmless banter among people who are introducing themselves to each other by sharing some quips and pleasantries.

Both interpretations are true at the same time.

I might like to see the personalities of the posters exposed sometimes as these quips and offhand comments do. Other times I want to skip the chit-chat and get to the meat of the discussion.

Seeing the content of quips gives me an indication of the mind behind the more sterile techno-comments made by an individual.

There are times that a seemingly sensible person outs themselves as immature and none-too-clever in their offhand comments. Or, they might demonstrate thoughtfulness and maturity the same way.

In either case, I adjust my view of the author's on-topic postings. I can make allowances for the author's mentality in interpreting their posts.

At any rate there is no way to objectively decide what is or is not trolling. By most standards the tired, overused, cliche'd mosquito/winter/trolls-are-jerks/etc quips would be considered off topic and their continued posting would be considered trolling.

Most administrators who are firm anti-trollers would have booted the quipsters as disruptive simply for being so persistently off-topic.

See how the police-state mentality could come back to bite you like a gigantic mosquito?

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A this is a Miscellaneous discussion

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Fuzzy subjectivity... exa ...

I must draw your attention to the TR Drink Cooler

Here we just stand around and talk over things generally not related to work to escape not to do more of the same that we are temporally trying to escape from.

Col ]:)

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next round

by jdclyde In reply to A this is a Miscellaneous ...

some people just take themselves way too seriously, which is often a sign of others not taking them seriously enough IRL?

I would be easy on a poster after only making two posts. Let them learn the "lay of the land" before they judge.

"police state". Sounds like another CA resident to me, or maybe Seattle?

It is just a fact, being "on-topic" in a misc section is not acceptable!

Trolls are the obnoxious ones that have nothing to add and aren't at least funny to watch.

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The thread topic is troll-handling

by e_caroline In reply to next round

The topic is troll handling with a focus on some particular individual some small gang of regulars seem to think deserves a boosted ego by recognition like he was the avian flu or mad cow disease or BTK serial killer.

As amusing as jokes about carnal knowledge of sheep, giant mosquitos, Winterpeg and a dozen other tired cliched one-liners might be in an IM conversation, they really are off topic unless they are supposed to be examples of trolling a discussion group.

As I've noted in another post in this thread, the tech republic forums are almost useless for an IT professional who is actually trying to solve a problem because of the large number of posts that are just pointless banter between chat-buddies.

Despite this, I still don't see any need to boot them, though many moderators would, for clogging up the forums. I like them un-booted and their words not-deleted since I can read their offhand comments.

Their offhand comments tell me a lot about them.

I WANT to know who the dorks and trolls are but *I* want to make my own judgement.

Letting them have their say and giving me an ignore button works great.

I can read their stuff until I decide they need to be disregarded and then banish them from my sight.

I don't want the admins wasting their time on this rinky-dink issue... better they tend to ferreting out techno-info than squander time inventing some elaborate bureaucratic mechanism for "troll-handling".

Just put in the ignore button.
It is called "technology"... use it.

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A bit testy are we??? Would you want to...........................

by sleepin'dawg In reply to The thread topic is troll ...

confine the use of your ignore button to apply to the specific thread you are in or is it to be applicable across all threads in some of which the troll/dork may actually post something of worth. Just asking???

Dawg ]:)

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Ignore Button

by djacobsen1 In reply to A simple individual ignor ...

I like the idea. When the troll problem comes up as it always seems to, I suggest just ignoring the troll and they eventually go away. The 'ignore button' has an appeal to it.

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